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View Cart Page Continuously Reloads...

09 November 2018 - 05:46 PM

...using a fairly stock version of CS 4.9.1, never noticed this before, and after doing some testing for products we noticed when View Cart button is pushed, it loads the cart page (checkout.cart) and continuously reloads it (until you stop the page). Happens when user is logged in or when testing as a guest. Very annoying, and causes problems when trying to scroll down or click on anything to navigate away because it is always refreshing. No other pages seem to be a problem.


[edit : did notice a strange "OR USE" button in the lower right of the screen which I don't see on any of our other pages or noticed before.]


We have not had any complaints from customers, but we don't have much traffic either. Any thoughts?


[edit : in case anyone is reading, CS has stated via support ticket that this is a PayPal issue and they are looking into it. ?  Thanks, CS, awaiting a response...]

Sitemap And Robots...

15 January 2018 - 08:26 PM

...we were on 2.2.x for a LONG time until our host needed to upgrade PHP this past December. Therefore, we had CSCart support do the upgrade for us to the latest 4.7.1SP2 release. Everything worked out well, extremely happy with their help, and it saved me a ton of time.


I am still tweaking/learning everything, and I see that 1) I have lost my old robots.txt file (which probably wouldn't be applicable anyway), and 2) I am getting the usual "sitemap is html" error from Google. Doing as much looking as I can, I don't see clear answers here, and I am not fluent in Russian. So :


- what would be a good starting point for a robots.txt file?

- what can be done about the sitemap issue (have SEO and sitemap add-ons turned on)


Thanks for any help or redirects to answers.