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problems with new install of latest version

11 November 2006 - 12:09 AM

Installed the latest full version of CS-Cart on my website today. Mostly things went OK. New install.

After editing the page content for the main web page and saving it, then using Firefox version 2 if I access the site through a URL like
all I get is a red page with an image in the middle.

The same URL in MS Internet Explorer accesses the cart OK.

If I go back to Firefox and add the filename like
then I still get what appears to be a broken templage page.

I dumped Firefox's cache, exited it, reloaded it and have the same result.

If I go back in Firefox History to a URL with parameters like
then the page loads fine.

Any ideas what's wrong? It acts like it got mad because I changed the main web page content and meta tags, and it trashed a file or something (except it works in MS IE). Can't figure it out.