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Newsletter Images

04 November 2007 - 03:25 AM

How do I code the images so that they are not attached to the email? I click "show content" in my email provider to see the images -- that works. But the images are attached too.

I would like to have the images just download from the server. It works when I send out an email using hotmail, however, the images attach when sent through cs-cart's newletter set-up. Any ideas?

Product Configuration Price and Discount

16 October 2007 - 05:01 AM

I submitted this to help desk, but does anyone know the answers. A couple of people I think are having trouble with these issues:

I'm running into some major obsticles with how Product Configuration works.

I am using it to create product kits. Example: Mad Hatter Kit (name of configurable product) has the option to select from the following items - red hat, blue hat, green hat. The base price of Mad Hatter Kit is $0. As products are selected it adds up - red hat $5, blue hat $3 = $8 price for Mad Hatter Kit (product). Great!

But then I want discounts based on amount spend - $25-50 = 5% off, $50-75 = 10% off and so on. I think you can see the logic - the customer gets discounts as incentives to putting more items into their kit, getting them to buy more.

1. This doesn't work in the discounts - I got the fields added in the product discounts tab in the admin, but what do I change "order_total" to apply only to the product rather than "order_total"?

2. Even with just a 5% "product discount", the code is not recognizing my Mad Hatter product (the config. product) as a product -- this is a bug, since it is a product at the end (after all items have been selected -- the product is the sum of its parts, as one unit). How do you fix this?

3. It doesn't show/apply the discount on the product detail page (Mad Hatter) as sub-products are added (the red hat, blue hat, etc) (the discount does show on non-configurable products). Shouldn't this be the case here.

Then on Checkout - Order Details. The checkout_configurable.tpl file was not displaying the name of the config product - Mad Hatter. I fixed this by placing {$product.product|escape:html} in the file. This is a bug?

It also only lists the base price of the of configured product (Mad Hatter) - but not the price with all the sub-products in the kit -- the actual cost of the product configured ($8.00 is what should be the cost of Mad Hatter for this order). It does Subtotal correctly. This is a bug I assume.

Please advise - I think the main issue is the it's not recognizing the configured product as a stand-alone product (with all the sub-products added in).

thank you

Security Manual

16 October 2007 - 04:59 AM

Please help with the follow security measures:

1. My site is www.site.com/cscart/.... I'm assuming this might not be a good idea. How do I product the site better?

Do I need to creat a sub-domain. http://secure.site.com? Is it actually a sub-domain and another folder then the public_html folder? Should be hosting service advise me on this topic?

If I do move my "cscart" file, will the connection to my database be messed up?

2. What permission am I suppose to set the files - I know this was address, but it's not clear in one place.

3. Anything else?

Thank you

product configuration Base Price

26 August 2007 - 12:43 AM

My base price is not changing with the adding of additional items in the kit. (I'm using a check box). Any ideas of where to look?

Hover for text description

25 August 2007 - 09:47 PM

I know there was a similar thread before, but I can't seem to find it.

In product configuration, I have made mulitple columns with images for each selectable product (in my case to add to a kit). Instead of going to a popup for the description, I would like a "hovering window" to come up when the mouse hovers over the thumbnail (not a separate pop up page) with the product description text. The point is that people can browse quickly without a popup each time they want to know what the product is.

Anyone remember this thread?