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Invoice not showing order discounts/coupons

27 November 2006 - 05:42 AM

The order discounts do not show up on the printed invoice. How do I fix this. When I look in the invoice.tpl it looks like the code is there but aren't showing up.

and in admin it shows up:

Subtotal: $118.90
Shipping method: USPS Priority Mail
Shipping cost: $12.25
Discount coupon goground ($0) <---------
Discount coupon GOGROUND (Free shipping) <---------
Order Total: $118.90

Anyone know how I fix this?

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Google Checkout Button to close to Cart Checkout button

23 November 2006 - 04:15 PM

Can anyone please let us know how we can add a small page break or something to add some space between the "standard" checkout button and the "Google" button? They are placed so close together, and we believe this will confuse customers and give the impression that we "ONLY" use the Google Checkout. See pic below
Posted Image

global options disappear adding back changes stock to zero

23 November 2006 - 03:53 AM

So not only do my global options magically disappear but now when I go back to click them "available" in the product admin pages, the stock level changes to a "0" even though its not zero. This appears on the storefront side (stock level is correct on admin side). It does not say out of stock, and still allows customer to add to cart. Any suggestions? Oh, I noticed these problems when I tried to use the product configurator along with a global option. Could this be causing the problem?

Fedex and USPS Chaos

20 November 2006 - 08:35 AM

There seems to be a few bugs in the shipping settings/methods and I am unclear to why CS-Cart has not made this a top priority so I am posting my concerns here, hoping that someone will address them. They have been posted in other threads but I think that CS-Cart should provide some official fixes.

1.) The auto-assigning of fedex tracking numbers: The cart sends a "ship package message" to fedex which automatically assigns a tracking number and hits your fedex account whenever a customer fetches a realtime rate. This will occur even if checkout does not complete, or the customer chooses another shipping courier.

2.) Customers will not be able to choose fedex as an option if not during regular business hours. When trying to fetch a realtime rate in admin (clicking the test button), errors such as "No pickup available on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays" will appear, and therefore fedex will not show up as an option.

3.) USPS Express Mail: Neither options available actually returns a correct rate. The test in admin seems correct but when testing through the storefront interface it is $2.00 no matter what address is used.

4.) No global priority option. A fellow forum member kindly provided a fix to adding this to the db, however, I think it should be included as a fix or in the next upgrade. Most of my international customers choose this option for lower weights.

At this point I am open to anything, because my cart was supposed to be live two days ago. Any light anyone can shed on any of these issues is greatly appreciated.

Any responses from CS-Cart is desperately sought.

Drop down values in global product option disappears

19 November 2006 - 03:04 AM

Ok so the global product options rock. However, I have had to re-enter the variants twice now because they suddenly disappear. The option name is still there but when you select the drop down, its blank. Please help before I get too far into configuring all of my products! I have no idea what may be initiating this problem.