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Zero Stock Items Can Still Be Added To Cart

19 January 2016 - 05:13 PM

Hope someone may help, as I've searched for the answer and still having an issue.


I'm now running V4.3.5 and some products with zero stock can still be added to the cart and purchased. My only way around at the moment is to move the price to zero or disable the product.


I have inventory tracking on and it doesn't matter what I try I can't get the 'Add to Cart' button to disappear like it used to on my previous store.


No matter what the value is of 'Allow negative mount in inventory' is either it does the same. I've tried turning options off/on, deleting cache etc., and also disabled/enabled inventory from the 'All Stores' as well as the individual store but can't get the products with zero stock to function correctly.


I've even played with the 'None' 'Buy in Advance' 'Sign up for Notification' but nothing seems to make a difference.


I often have one-off special offers on the website and don't want more than 1 person being able to purchase it.


Anyone had anything similar?


Thanks, Paul.