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Restrict Access To Main Administration Only - Not Vendor Admin

08 April 2021 - 01:56 PM



I am using the add-on "Access restrictions" (https://docs.cs-cart...ict_access.html).


Is there a possibility to restrict the access to the administration panel (admin_adm.php) only? But not to the vendor administration panel (vendor_adm.php)?


I just want to "protect" the panel for the root administrator not for the several vendor admins of my Multi Vendor installation.


Appreciate any support.


Best regards


Restrict Payment Method

28 January 2021 - 01:21 PM

Hi all!


I want to restrict the payment method with payment processor "Stripe connect" to a certain product only (or at least to a certain category). Also a certain vendor would be okay.


Is that possible to do (out-of-the-box)?


Documentation (https://docs.cs-cart...re_payment.html) says there is a field "Payment category", but in my case this field is not available.


Looking forward to your answer.


Best regards




Dissatisfaction With Bug Tracker Response Times

21 January 2021 - 01:08 PM

Hi community,


I reported various issues in the bug tracker. What disappoints me: answers are given very late, often only on request. In most cases there is even no answer at all:
Issue that links do not open in new tab:
Reported on 24 September 2020
--> No official response so far
Issue that "Buy together" can not be defined by root admin:
Reported on 18 January 2021
--> No official response so far
Issue that tax is mistakenly refilling vendor's balance:
Reported on 28 December 2020
--> No official response so far
Issue that API does not return all fields of a user profile:
Reported on 17 December 2020
--> No official response so far
Issue that email notification prints unexpected characters at the bottom of the email:
Reported on 13 December 2020 (by Darius), confirmed from my side on 17 December 2020
--> No official response so far
There's a good exchange here in the forum, but I feel lost in the bug tracker.
What are your experiences?
Best regards

Api Does Not Return Newly Created Profile Fields

19 January 2021 - 07:33 AM



I added some profile fields to store some further information of the user.


Unfortunalely the API does not return these newly created profiles fields when performing a GET request on 


A newly created field is defined in cscart_profile_fields, the value itself is stored in cs_cart_profile_fields_data.


How can I get the API to return these fields too?
I appreciate any support!
Many greetings



Buy Together: Button Add Combination Missing

07 January 2021 - 08:59 AM



I am running the "Multi-Vendor Plus" edition in version 4.12.1.


I tried to test out the "Buy together" feature according to this KB article: https://docs.cs-cart...y_together.html


Unfortunately the button "Add combination" is missing.

I am running just one storefront.

Product tab "Buy together" is activated generally (Design -> Product tabs).


Attached File  add_combination_missing.png   78.78KB   8 downloads


Can anyone help me to sort this out?


Best regards