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Smart Upsell, Post Purchase Upsells

28 June 2018 - 10:37 AM



I'm looking for pricing from a developer for a smart upsell add-on that can:


1) Offer an upsell when an item is added to cart

2) Offer smart cross sells

3) Offer post purchase once click upsells


Similar to what this Shopify component can do.


Currently need compatibility with SimTech Braintree Payments, and PayPal





Can anyone quote on these 3 tasks for me?



Facebook Messenger Chatbot

30 April 2018 - 12:43 PM



Has anyone any experience in building a Facebook Chatbot for CS-CART?


I've started the process and this is my results so far.


1) Popup live realtime chat button with the Facebook Page


2) Ability to select "Send to messenger" when products are added to cart.

Ajax is triggered - but having difficulty sending the data back to the user 


3) Ability to have a bot respond to certain keywords from within a CS-CART environment

a) Ask the bot a message containing "hi" and it will respond

B) Ask the bot a message looking for a coupon and it will respond


The logic for the response is within CS-CART so I can create custom functions or look ups depending on thats asked.


Next steps on the project

1) Fix add to cart message back - This is a proven method to increase sales,

90% open rate of FB messages,

Set intervals of 30 mins after add to cart to send reminder message


2) Ability to use keywords as commands,

eg "search KEYWORD" - search the CS-CART products for KEYWORD in product title and return top 5 products in a media template


3) Receipt - Looking to add receipt delivery when order is placed



Anyone interested in the project a DEMO is available here:



Any feedback / suggestions are welcome






Just to add, anyone interested the code to date is available to purchase:


Product Options Conditional Logic

16 April 2018 - 09:37 AM



Trying to to create some conditional logic on some global options fields, but am having some difficulty.


Its essentially a SHOW / HIDE conditional logic that only shows a text field if the customer selects yes.


I've removed the product ID from the DOM product options TPL so that the same code can be used globally on the website 


So basically when the page loads, #opt_76 is set to hide


When "option_3599" is set to "17022",  then #opt_76 is set to show

When "option_3599" is set to "17021",  then #opt_76 is set to hide again



$('#opt_76').hide(); // INITIAL SET TO HIDE
$.ceEvent('on', 'ce.ajaxdone', function(data) {
    // alert('Ajax done');
    $(function() {
          if($('#option_3599').val() == '17022')  {
              $('#opt_76').show(); // SET TO YES SHOW
          if($('#option_3599').val() == '17021')  {
              $('#opt_76').hide(); // SET TO NO HIDE


Its seems a global show is kicking in from the Ajax call,


Any ideas on how to get this to work?


Or are there any better solutions to get this to work?






Theme: Opulence Premium Theme For Cs-Cart

23 February 2018 - 11:33 AM

Hi, Just launched my first premium CS-CART theme. I have worked with the platform over the past 10 years with over 30 high end clients. We've had stores operate 20+ orders per minute. Integrated 3rd party addons, and made changes for real world business to improve their workflow and more importantly their profits. This is a great base template and we include all necessary Adobe Photoshop Documents etc where available.


Reduced to €197


Includes €320 worth of addons


  • Google Scheme Add-on
  • Google Tag Manager Add-on
  • Facebook Messenger Live Chat Add-on
  • Adobe Typekit Add-on
  • Checkout Countdown Timer Add-on
  • Google Merchant Reviews Add-on
  • Animated CSS Blocks Add-on


Live Demo



Buy Now Link



We're also available for bespoke custom work if required.

Checkout Countdown Timer For Cs-Cart V4.4 Or Above - By Cartbooster

07 February 2018 - 11:23 PM

Create of urgency at the checkout with a proven method to increase checkout conversions. This add-on creates a timed countdown at the checkout to increase a sense of limited time / availability on products / the checkout. This tactic is used on many large website including TicketMaster. Customise the time, the font colour, the background colour.