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In Topic: Any 1and1 users here, can their dedicated SSL work?

27 February 2008 - 06:48 AM

Hi truem, OK. Yea, my emails bounce from many ISPs as well. I wondered what that was. Thanks for your insight!

In Topic: ssl configuration problems

21 February 2008 - 04:53 AM

Hi Barry, Thanks for that tip! Didn't even realize that trials existed for SSL now. A google search revealed a cheaper place not too called RapidSSL that did look OK.
convello told me a dedicated SSL would fix this problem, be he didn't say if it was 1and1's version. I'm just not quite fully up to learning how to use a 3rd party's SSL on my shared Linux 1and1 package. Especially since it's "just" (but I'm broke!) $50 & in house install (saves me time I guess).
I hope it's OK to make a new thread & see who else is using 1and1 right now. You're right about bugging 1and1, it's just that I know it would be hopeless. The service is "OK" , as long as I tough out all the little problems. If you can work with their automated console you can make it. I know I should switch, but it seems like every host has it's problems.
Thanks again for your help!

In Topic: ssl configuration problems

19 February 2008 - 11:01 PM

Hi Barry,
No I don't think I do?? It's mostly all default setup. Anonymous checkout enabled.
Still getting this message when trying to tick SSL under admin:
The secure connection check has failed. Please check HTTPS settings in "config.php" file and make sure that SSL certificate is installed on your server

I think this is a direct conflict between CS-Cart 1.3.5 sp2 and 1and1's shared SSL.
CS-Cart 1.3.3 was working ok with shared SSL I think.
I know 1and1 kinda sucks, but no time to change now.
I might just buy a dedicated 1and1 certificate -- can I get a 2nd confirm from anyone if that works?? Hate to waste $50.

Thanks for your help BarryH,
Best Regards, kearnyshop

In Topic: ssl configuration problems

19 February 2008 - 04:07 AM

Read this thread as I'm having the exact same problem with the shared SSL on 1and1.

1and1 has lots of similar issues with other 'carts as mentioned by convello.
The other guys have come up with some pretty complex fixes it looks like.
Big set back if I need to dump 1and1, bummer!

I think I tried all of the combinations in config.php as mentioned in "shared ssl" threads and no luck. There must be more of us on 1and1, using shared SSL on this forum...??

Here's how I'm entered right now, but I did try other ways mentioned in previous posts (using root / for my store):
// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server
$cscart_https_host = 'ssl.perfora.net/mydomain.com';
$cscart_https_dir = '';
Also tried:
// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server
$cscart_https_host = 'ssl.perfora.net';
$cscart_https_dir = 'mydomain.com';

Still get that SSL check failed on the admin settings panel.

I don't think I can use Google CheckOut or PayPal without SSL??

I wonder if 1and1's dedicated SSL has the same problem?

Everything was going very well with 1.3.5 SP2 until now.:(

CS-Cart is the best out there!!

In Topic: How do I upgrade from 1.3.3 with the Store Manager?

17 February 2008 - 04:49 AM

Thanks Bob! That was a big help! Now I understand the upgrade scheme & mechanics a little better. For my old install tonite, I decided to go ahead and start clean as the DB was swamped with spam messages and such. Hopefully I'll keep the ball rolling this time. Thanks again, Early