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In Topic: Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user:

30 June 2006 - 04:25 AM

1)- How do I fix that please?

I agree with Gregh's advise. It also might of been typo during initial setup.(sometimes using an extra character such as "\" or "http://yoursite.com" instead of "http://www.yoursite.com" can mess up the install)

2)- How do I choose a different skin than the current one at this point? (I want to use the (brickwork yellow and green) instead.

Skin changes are done thru your CS-cart admin panel. menu on right side, Look and Feel ->> Skin selector.

3)- The products images don't appear right, what could be the problem and how to approach that?

Not sure but have suggestions: Double check for any typo's in config file. Also could be due to a .htaccess file problem or folder permission problem

In Topic: Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user:

28 June 2006 - 09:20 PM

Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user: 'hoodbizz@localhost' to database 'cscart'

Using your control panel of your web host, double check the database name, user name, and database password are the same you are inputing into CS-Cart during the install process.

In Topic: Question about templates.

27 June 2006 - 01:55 AM

Smoked...can you let us know how you did this? TIA

In Topic: Modifying the brickwork darksteel skin

27 May 2006 - 01:01 AM

Just edit the top.tpl page. The image you need to change or remove is called cscart_logo.gif. The page is found in your /skins/brickwork.../customer/ directory and the image is stored in /skins/brickwork..../customer/images dir.

In Topic: Curl & Godaddy

24 May 2006 - 07:43 PM

Did you try using your godaddy account username and password?