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18 April 2006 - 06:10 PM

Yeah, but that is only a visual... what happens when the invoice is used to process the order... the SKU would be blank or the default. that's no good. I am actually going to have CS-Cart guys custom dev this for us. Hopefully they will include our DEV as a module or standard release feature for future releases.


What I did was put the SKU in the product options, so when you hit the options drop-down box, you could choose:

"Red - SKU: 1111111" or
"Blue - SKU: 2222222"

It's not the most glamorous solution, but it's a workaround nonetheless.


10 April 2006 - 07:01 PM



Already great minds are thinking alike!!


10 April 2006 - 06:02 PM

You have my vote. It's actually very upsetting to search for years to find the ultimate ecommerce system and then you find it only to realize there are one or two CORE functional components missing.


Shipping... When adding a product, why can't you specify the box dimensions and all info needed to calculate shipping??? I see this option under the manage shipping area, but this is just one entry... every product is different and will have different dimensions etc... please shed some light on this anyone...

Tracking... How could this been overlooked!?!?!

PayPal... I have looked. I do not see a paypal processing template for PayPal's website payments pro! I have the scripts for this If you guys need them to integrate this.... just let me know. I dont know how to do it.

How in the world do we specify a different SKU number for a red shirt and another SKU for a blue shirt? This may be implemented... but I cannot figure it out!


Before everyone gets side tracked here, the original post was one of tracking and shipping issues.

Now I have a few questions about this.

Shipping needs to take multiple issues into consideration on admin side.

1) Is this a drop ship store? Do I see goods for others and those people drop ship for me? if so, I will need the ability to have an origination for ALL of my products.

2) Once an order is placed by customer, there is a need to calculate shipping. If the goods are coming from multiple locations, there is a need to be able to post and use multiple tracking numbers. these numers then should be able to be posted for end user on their order sheet (sent) and order page (displayed).

3) If this is a person selling their own goods that are stocked in their own location, there is also ability to tick a radio button that would bypass this option and all sjhipping woud come from a single location, yet possible to show tracking for more than a single box of goods.

Now this is not for a single shop, this is needed by MANY shops for MANY applications. Shipping is one of the largest thorns in people sides.

Now that a basis is set up for origination and tracking, what about the admin and setting up shipping costs and packaging. There are all sorts of issues that arrise and most of them are sizing issues and the ability to pass on those variables.

Most of the shipping companies out there have thew ability to receive dimensions and weight etc to help with costs calculations etc.

This brings me to two more issues and that is dimension / weight variables and cost calculations.

For example:

An attempt to take dimensional weight into consideration using a product's shipping dimensions. At the very least, an option on admin side a set up to specify on each product to "Ship alone" for large / heavy items so that you do not exceed weight maximums for real-time calculations. The focus should really be on making the real-time calculations work. Carts seem to blame the shipping companies when the issue is really one of data presentation (box 1 99 lbs X"xY"xZ", box 2 66 lbs X"xY"xZ" rather than a single box of 165 lbs). This is a bit tricky since dimensional weights change by shipping method rather than carrier (UPS Ground is different than UPS Next DAY AM). And add the shipper's options: Saturday delivery, insurance calculations, etc.

For some simpler stuff to implement, at least "Contact for shipping cost" on each product (heck, add "Contact for price", too). This is a real problem for anyone who ships items on pallets. If any item in a cart had either of these set, the customer would need to contact the store in order to have the order total calculated and "released" for payment.

Most carts offer a check box for "Free shipping". This really needs to be extended to "yes", "no" and "never". The "Yes" option forces no Shipping charge for this item, "No" means it is based on a minimum and the "Never" option would prevent the product's price from being included in calculating a "Free Shipping Minimum". This relates directly to drop shipping as well as shipping oversize items.

For instance, we have some items that cost over $100/unit to ship UPS Ground because they are OS3 and over 60" in length which costs an additional $6. If my minimum order total for free shipping is $300 and this item costs $301, I do not want it used to determine giving away shipping and potentially losing money on the order. If they order other items which qualify for free shipping and meet the minimum, they should get free shipping on those items but not on this particular item. In the case of an item I drop ship from my supplier, I may need to pass on the shipping cost (the fact that I do not stock it usually means that it is either too big and expensive to ship, so why ship it twice). We used to be able to bury a portion of the shipping cost in our prices but Froogle and other shopping engines make that impossible nowadays.

Now if these issues are taken into real consideration, you will have a viable shipping application withinn this cart. Of course there are times when yuo will want to over ride this and it is when you sell electronic goods or downloadables such as music etc.

Overall though, this would beat everyone's shipping capabilities out there, lol. AND have this set up for the admin to use for "RealTime" Shipping AND fixed shipping applications.

There is a real need for all of these capbailities and I think if everyone reads this, they too would agree. these days Free Shipping makes us real sales. To do this, we need to take all of the above issues into consideration AND have the abilitiy to operate within these boundries.

Hope this is tangible info to use cscart :wink:

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10 April 2006 - 05:46 PM

Cool... thanks. I've used that before yeah. Just not with CS-Cart. I will definately try that MOD in my next integration.

Hi advp

Try here, this is just a basic example of what can be done.


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10 April 2006 - 05:43 PM

I figured it out... It was my browser settings. Thanks for the speedy response though. :o/