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Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user:

28 March 2006 - 09:12 PM

Hello, I have just installed a fresh install of the software, and when I click to browse the categories I get the following error.
It seems at though the software is trying to create temporary tables, but the problem is that my database does not allow creating temporary tables and I can not change that, it is set by my hosting provider. Is there a way to get around this?
The url of the error is...



Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user: 'jubileemusic@%' to database 'jubileemusic'
Invalid query: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE avail_products SELECT cscart_products_categories.product_id, cscart_products_categories.position FROM cscart_products_categories INNER JOIN cscart_categories ON cscart_categories.category_id=cscart_products_categories.category_id AND cscart_categories.membership_id IN ('0', '0') AND cscart_categories.avail='Y' WHERE cscart_categories.category_id='93'

File: /home/content/J/U/B/JUBILEEMUSIC/html/index.php
Line: 76
Function: include
File: /home/content/J/U/B/JUBILEEMUSIC/html/targets/categories.php
Line: 36
Function: include
File: /home/content/J/U/B/JUBILEEMUSIC/html/include/customer/categories.php
Line: 71
Function: include
File: /home/content/J/U/B/JUBILEEMUSIC/html/include/common/search_products.php
Line: 197
Function: db_query
File: /home/content/J/U/B/JUBILEEMUSIC/html/core/db_mysql.php
Line: 77
Function: db_error