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Just Can't Export Products To Csv

29 November 2016 - 03:32 PM

I just can't make it work. The error log says Permission denied, meaning the cart tried to write the file down but it failed. Tried with 777, nothing. Ownership all ok (sitefolder:sitefolder, that'd be it?). Went through all threads but couldn't find anything that works. Just blank page. Not a size issue, doesn't work with export customers as well and there's only a few of them.




Need To Change "activation Mode" For Bunch Of Products In Bulk

21 October 2016 - 05:32 PM

Hi, folks! :)


I am close to launching a store with 800+ products, all e-goods, all in and ready, and the trouble is that I didn't test 2CO->Download procedure before I imported the products - if I had done this earlier I'd knew that I want the activation mode for the files set to "Immediatelly" and not to "Manually", which is default.


Now I got 800 products that all need FILES/ACTIVATION MODE set from Manually to Immediatelly.


I guess I couldn't do anything from the admin (except for going product by product lol) but is there a way to do this through linux or phpmyadmin or such?



Regarding License And Domain

26 February 2016 - 08:55 AM

Hi folks,


Been using CS-Cart for 10+ years now at www.vector-clipart.com. It's an old version of the cart. I want to switch to another domain (clipartlab.com) and to start all over, with all these great new features. I'd need a month or two to setup everything.


Now, as I'd want clipartlab to stay as is all the time I plan to install the cart at clipartlab.com/cart, change the license from vector-clipart to clipartlab.com and make /cart the root of the domain through .htaccess once everything's ready. Naturally, I'll 301 redirect vector-clipart.com to clipartlab.com the moment I change the domain in my license.


Question: when switching to new domain in CS-Cart Admin do I submit clipartlab.com or clipartlab.com/cart? Shall I have any problems with license or fuctionality of the cart if I submit /cart part and then redirect the whole cart to root?


Thanks in advance.