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Image Upload issue when Importing from URL

03 June 2011 - 05:54 PM

This is a new one for me. I was adding products to my cart using the bulk uploader. Then when I went to edit them, and add images (from another URL), nothing happened. I would hit save and it would take it's time loading, refresh, and then nothing. The pictures would not be added.

If I upload images locally or from the server it works, but not when it's from another URL.

And it was working fine, I added about 50 products and it was working fine. I saved a page, and started up a new batch of products, and all of a sudden it wasn't working anymore. I've tried multiple browsers and computers, so I know it isn't a browser issue. Any ideas?


Directory permissions issue/image upload issue

29 April 2011 - 01:06 AM

Hey guys,
Sorry for the post, but I cannot just figure it out. I did a clean install of cscart, restored my database, and now I can't upload pictures. If I try uploading something in the design tab, I get the following error :

Error: Cannot create the file /gw/skins/artificial_casting/customer/images/gwlogomahogony3.png. Please check the directory permissions.

When I upload pictures for a new product, it just doesn't upload. No error messages or anything, but just doesn't upload.

Ive checked, and double checked, and triple checked the directory permissions. All are fine. I've reinstalled 4 times now, still no luck. I think I know why it is doing it.

I made the site locally on my computer. When finished, I backed up the database, installed a fresh cscart on my web host, then uploaded, and restored the database I made on my local site. Does that have to do with it? If so, what is the proper way of moving that site from local to web? Thanks!