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ADDON: FREE Horizonal Category Menu

15 June 2009 - 09:57 PM

CSS Only Horizontal Dropdown Menu, no JS.
Tested in IE5.5, IE6.0, IE7.0, IE8.0 and FF3.

Working with v2.0.3, 2.0.4 and v2.0.5 including upgrades.

Link: h**p://www.mytestbox.co.uk

1. Upload folders to your site.
2. Log into admin, click on 'Administration' tab, click 'addons'.
3. Scroll down to 'Horizontal Menu', click 'install'.

Using the menu:
1. While still logged into admin, click on 'Design' tab.
2. Click on ‘Blocks’.
3. Click on ‘Add Block’, and setup block as shown below.

Name: Horizontal Menu
Block Content: Categories
Filling: Horizontal Menu
Appearance Type: categories_hor.tpl
Wrapper: - -

4. Click on ‘Create’ button, and make sure it’s set to Active.
5. Disable existing Categories menu if any.

Changing menu theme:
I’ve included a few variants/themes of the menu.

To change the theme:
1. Log into Admin, click on ‘Design’ tab.
2. Click on ‘Horizontal Menu’
3. The new theme can be selected using the select box.
4. Click ‘Save’ button to save changes.

Adding a theme:
New themes should be added to /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/addons/hor_menu/css/
The theme needs to have a unique folder name i.e. “New_Theme1”, a style sheet called ‘style.css’ and optional screenshot called ‘screenshot.jpg’ ( 300px by 300px ).
Upload folder to /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/addons/hor_menu/css/ and the theme will automatically be listed in admin theme panel. Select new theme and click ‘Save’ button.

n.b. All included themes use the same core menu structure (categories_hor.tpl and menu_items.tpl), if your new menu requires changing of these files , older themes will cease to work.

A PDF of these instructions are included in download. Hope i haven't forgotten anything.

Don't forget to share your themes.

Changes for v1.3

z-index fix for cart, language, currency and sign in menu. (bug by darius)
Subcategories not showing if subcat has children. (bug by baniels)
Fix for Google Chrome

ADDON: Subcategory Thumbnails

13 June 2009 - 05:48 PM

A few people have asked for this, it's a port from the 1.3.5 version here, but as an addon. Screenshots are shown below.

1. Download and unpack attached zip file. ( use Firefox not IE )
2. Upload both folders to site
3. Log into Admin, goto addons, scroll down to "Subcategory Thumbnails" and click install.
4. That's it!

Make sure you add images to your subcategory thumbnail section. Probably be wise to make sure all the thumbnails are the same size.

Change /skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/addons/subcat_thumbs/hooks/categories/view.override.tpl to suit your needs.

N.B. Make sure any changes are mirrored in /var/skins_repository/base/customer/addons/subcat_thumbs/hooks/categories/view.override.tpl, as the file gets installed from there, so if you uninstall and then reinstall you'll lose all your changes.


Normal Version:
Posted Image

Thumbnail Version:
Posted Image

ADDON: CS2 Accordion Menu FREE

28 May 2009 - 11:43 AM

This addon is for an accordion type menu (http://www.dynamicdr...enu-bullet.htm). Instructions are included in the zip file, remember to use FireFox to download as IE corrupts zips.

This was more a test to see what could be done as an addon without touching the core files at all.

It will only go to two category levels, that's all i needed it to do. Some screeshots are included. Some settings can be changed in admin. Readme file is included.

It has been tested on v2.0.3, v2.0.4 and v2.0.3 to v2.0.4 upgrade.

I'll try and get a demo up and running.

This addon creates a database table to store settings, make sure you backup backup backup. Test on non live site first. I will not be held responsible for damaged sites.

Which version?

18 May 2009 - 05:34 PM

In order for us to help answer questions can people please put which cart version they are using in the post, or in their signature.


Adding custom php scripts

03 February 2009 - 01:03 AM

Since 2.0 doesn't use targets anymore how would you
'new_file' => TARGETS_DIR . 'new_file.php',

So /index.php?target=new_file would end up as /index.php?dispatch=new_file

Also is there any developer info on the new architecture?