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In Topic: (Solved) 4.13.1 - Vendor User Group, Broken?

09 June 2021 - 02:55 PM

A custom add-on led to the "vendor" user group to be displayed as shown above.


We are now trying to find what caused it.

In Topic: Page Property "hidden"

01 June 2021 - 08:26 AM

If you add manually corresponding URLs to sitemap, they will be indexed

Hi Ecomlabs,
thank you very much for your message and the information! :)

Best regards


In Topic: Access Back End

29 May 2021 - 06:02 AM



it looks to me like you need to access your server.


Either via your server's control panel (C-panel, PLESK, etc.) or via FTP/SSH.


If you don't have access to this, I suggest you reach out to your server provider.



/design can then be found in the root folder.



I hope this helps!




In Topic: Var Folder

28 April 2021 - 06:45 AM

Best solution is probably to recreate the var directory, copy whatever is in the `/design` path to `/var/themes_repository` and that will be it really. NOthng more you can do sadly.


Your files will obviously be gone :C


I tried copying everything I could find in the latest CS-Cart update version into the new var folder and have reinstalled all our add-ons.


I shall try and copy the contents of the design folder as per your instructions. Thanks for that!


Are there any other files or folders in the /var folder that are essential for the shop to operate? Because it kinda seemed to work (with a few little bugs of course) even with the var folder being completely absent.



See if your hosting provider does nightly backups, most do, then restore from that.


That was the first thing we tried, but for some reason, the daily updates stopped a while back.

In Topic: Stripe - Do You Use Webkul Or The Cs-Cart In-House Addon?

30 March 2021 - 07:29 AM

I have used both, the Webkul has more features, like wallet and refunds etc, but is a bit more buggy, they also don't stay up with Stripe API on updates as frequently it appeared to me anyway.

I moved to the stock CS-Cart Stripe add-on when it was available, some of the Webkul files were invasive to the stock CS-cart add-on and had to be purged etc.  Something to be aware of on the Webkul coding.


The CS-Cart add-on has an issue for me where it doesn't add shipping charges to orders when customers use Apple Pay, they are trying to figure that out as we speak.  (I'm on latest CS-Cart) Otherwise it works well and they have been keeping up with the Stripe API.

Thanks for your message, it helps us a lot :D

Kind regards
Sören from For-Vegans