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In Topic: Transparent Boxes

07 January 2007 - 11:43 PM

Sure you can. Just add the following CSS to the BOTTOM of your styles.css file...

#featuredProducts .mainbox-body {
     background: transparent;

Then change the file
/skins_dir/customer/addons/featured_products/customer_categories.tpl to the following:

{* $Id: customer_categories.tpl 1569 2006-04-25 13:42:29Z imac $ *}

{if $featured_products}
	<div id="featuredProducts">

	{if $settings.Modules.featured_products_opts.columns_in_featured_products_list > 1}
		{include file="products_pages/products_multicolumns.tpl" title=$lang.featured_products columns=$settings.Modules.featured_products_opts.columns_in_featured_products_list products=$featured_products form_prefix="featured" no_sorting="Y" no_pagination="Y" no_ids="Y"}
		{include file="products_pages/products.tpl" title=$lang.featured_products products=$featured_products form_prefix="featured" no_sorting="Y" no_pagination="Y" no_ids="Y"}

Hope that helps!

Is it possible to have the boxes for example the Featured products box Transparent.
I have a background to match my website, and the boxes for Featured products, Categories etc are all white, i know i can change them to any colour i want in the css, but i would like them to be either transparent or semi transparent so that the boxes just have there border and the background shows through.


In Topic: Willing to pay someone who's successfully converted to XHTML Tableless

07 January 2007 - 11:24 PM

Hey all. I am a XHTML/CSS developer who has integrated CS-Cart countless times. I started converting the entire CS-Cart default theme in CSS for W3C XHTML 1.0 strict validation.


Here is the issue. As others have noted, there are hundreds of template files. Once you convert the 7 or so main "root" files, you will still need to convert ALL the template files. Anyone who says they can facilitate this for you for under $8,000 - $10,000.00 is absolutely nuts. It's too good to be true and you will most likely have a horrible experience with this company as they don't know CS-Cart well enough. Once they really learn the extent of the job, they will most likely back out of it.

Another Problem...

CS-Cart is unique and constantly being developed and upgraded. If I convert version 1.3.4 completely into XHTML compliant code... What happens when version 1.3.4+ arrives? You're out of luck. UNLESS you spend those countless hours AGAIN sifting through the .diff files and integrating their new upgrades into your nice and compliant code.


CS-Cart NEEDS TO DO IT! Why would anyone spend the time or money investing in XHTML/CSS cart when any future upgrades are useless. CS-Cart uses tables for EVERYTHING and soon their developers will realize that this may have been a VERY bad idea for the future of their product. However, the support for tables is STILL better than CSS these days as far as browsers are concerned and will be for some time to come.

My Suggestions...

1. I have made major modifications to v1.3.4 with CSS. This includes a pure CSS category menu versus their massive Javascript menu. This, no matter what upgrades they make will be easy to implement.

2. Side BOX and MAINBOX templates are loaded more than any templates. These can be converted into XHTML/CSS without major problems associated with uplgrades. Some issues may arrise, but are easy to detect and rectify.

3. The minute you modify something in CS-Cart that later will effect an upgrade is not worth it. Even though you want to have better load times and an extensible system, with CS-Cart, its just not a good idea. You will be stuck with outdated versions for life.

If anyone has any questions about what Im trying to say, email me at

In Topic: MOD: Thumbnail,Product info & Delete in Cart Sidebox

10 December 2006 - 06:42 AM

Great MOD... I wrote one myself before, but this one uses delete button. I LIKE...


In Topic: MOD: Sales SMS Notification v1.0

10 December 2006 - 05:57 AM

Awsome MOD! Thanks for the great work!!

In Topic: Database Backup Emergency

13 August 2006 - 07:49 PM

I thought that I could install my backup file which works fine, then grab the database file in the "upgrade" package and import that as It should just be upgrading the database. That isnt working as i get SQL errors that tables already exist. I tried addin IF NOT EXIST, but then I just get additional errors on other statements such as DUPLICATE FIELD. I need a database file or something that will just add the new stuff and alter existing without screwing everything up... why wont the upgrade database file do this?

Here is just one of the errors I get when viewing products on the website...

Database error: 1054 : Unknown column 'a.inventory' in 'field list'
Invalid query: SELECT a.option_id, a.option_type, a.position, a.inventory, b.option_name, b.option_text FROM cscart_product_options as a LEFT JOIN cscart_product_options_descriptions as b ON a.option_id=b.option_id AND b.lang_code='EN' WHERE a.product_id='2023' AND avail='Y' ORDER BY a.position