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#223956 Cscart.biz

Posted by hostandname on 22 July 2015 - 12:26 PM

I bought the Advance Menu addon and has been a very helpful asset with our custom menu needs, its totally open source so we was able to customise to our needs but mainly the best useful thing was that non technical staff can modify the menus within the admin area. Thanks cscart.biz! highly recommended addon.

#144618 Addon: Order Insurance v1.0

Posted by hostandname on 09 September 2012 - 09:12 AM

Addon: Order Insurance v1.0

Available on version 2.1.x (not test on other builds of 2.x)
Available on version 3.x.x

Price: £30 / $50 (payment to be sent to paypal ID: billing@1line.co.uk)
Once payment is received, addon will be emailed to you, please specify in paypal notes the email address and addon your purchasing

** Addon website coming soon for online ordering **


This addon allows you to allow your customer to insure their order features are as follows:

1. Able to set insurance price in settings (default: 10)
2. Enable / Disable to display on cart page (selected by default)
3. Enable / Disable to display on checkout page (selected by default)
4. Option to enable insurance by default to customer (cleared by default)
5. If the "Display on the cart page" check box is selected, the "Insurance" check box will be displayed on the cart page in the customer area of the store. We will use the img1.jpg screenshot as an example.
6. If the "Display on the checkout page" check box is selected, the "Insurance" check box will be displayed on step 3 of one-page checkout in the customer area of the store. We will use the img2.jpg screenshot as an example.
7. When the "Insurance" check box gets selected/cleared, the ajax request occurs. This request will enable/disable the insurance for an order. After the request is performed, a corresponding notification will be displayed.
8. If the "Enabled by default" check box is selected, the insurance will be enabled for an order by default (even if displaying the "Insurance" check box is disabled on the cart and checkout pages).
9. If the insurance is enabled for an order, its cost will be added to the total cost of an order and displayed in order information before the Total line.

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#95950 ADDON: Wordpress CS-Cart Intergrated Solution

Posted by hostandname on 22 November 2010 - 10:58 PM

Hi Guys,

Just to let everyone know that is interested that soon we will be releasing a very much wanted ADDON for CS-Cart to integrate the famous Wordpress Blog system into CS-Cart - it will allow you do manage articles, write and delete articles from with your CS-Cart administration - it is also in the development process on our site to automatically skin to your current CS-Cart store design.

We applying a simple poll to this forum post to see the interest in this feature, if such a high demand of the request of this addon we will most likely fast track the release of this addon for cs-cart customers!

We hope this addon will be of some use to a lot of users! please leave some feedback on this forum post and demand of course :)

#91382 What would you pay for a iPhone Web Based Application Template

Posted by hostandname on 07 October 2010 - 11:09 AM

Thought i would update everyone one on this - although we started the developed we have had a few big projects come in - however i have asked CS-Cart how much to build this addon and comes to like $2000 which i was shocked with but it is a big job - so i thought i would make this proposal

we can have this built which would be a big help to a lot of people would you be willing to make a donation of $100+ each person that makes a donation will get a free copy of the addon for the use on there site

once the target of $2000 is met, i will have cs-cart start the development and also manage and keep on their asses to get it perfect - we will also be doing all the iphone theme and doing on the specification etc....

anyone wanting to make a donation, give me a PM and ill give you paypal details and add you to the list to recieve the addon!

it should take around 2 weeks of development maybe a little more - but we will then finally have a nice iPhone version of the site!

#87416 What would you pay for a iPhone Web Based Application Template

Posted by hostandname on 25 August 2010 - 06:29 PM

Simple poll to find out what you would pay for a iPhone version of CS-Cart for your store? based on the poll results we may possibly develop a iPhone template.