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In Topic: Friendly Vendor Pannel

02 November 2020 - 09:55 AM

its much needed , to be honest I am really disappointed and there's days i even wonder if i will ever launch at all lol . 

My customers and vendors are on the young side , and i am not sure they will deal well with a panel that reminds them of excel sheets. (sorry and lol ) 


Do you use the app ?

I am very excited about the app, and thought i would get my vendors to add products and all from there . and they can do  BUT they cannot add features /variants . and cs cart told me it's not a very popular request so they probably won't add it. 


Its frustrating because its so close to be great, they are great engineer, but not great designers , with an understanding of customers journey etc . the panel is not intuitive at all lol . i have a small tears everyday i use it . 


Hi saltwater.


I agree that vendor panel should be more user friendly, and we pay a lot of attention to it. 

There are a number of improvements in 4.12. but they are not big one. We do changes gradually.

If you have vision of how it should look like and the main vendor workflows  I would like to discuss it with you.


Please PM me and I will schedule a call.