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In Topic: CS-Cart 4.2.1 Release Candidate

07 July 2014 - 11:12 AM


We've just enabled SEO addon on our demo.

As for other microdata schemas, we added them to our roadmap.


Hello Zeke,

Thank you for your elaboration. This is very helpful information.
I really hope that model, brand, features and company location will also be supported. I do see that competitors do support 'model' as part of the product name.

The breadcrumb (categories) is very important, because it shows at the top in the Google result, right under the title. It replaces the url listing with breadcrumb listing.

Please consider to go all the way on implementation of microdata. It will need to happen at some point anyway, because that's where Google is heading.

Could you activate the seo addon on the demo?


In Topic: CS-Cart 4.2.1 Release Candidate

04 July 2014 - 08:34 AM


Let me answer for imac.

We've implemented microdata format, described at http://schema.org/. At this time markup is generated for the following product properties:
- sku,
- name,
- description,
- price,
- currency,
- stock,
- rating,
- number of reviews.

Why only product properties? We checked our competitors both with 3rd-party modules and found that almost all of them generate markup for products only. But it does not mean that we stop extending schemas in future.

As to see how it works - microdata markup is generated by the SEO addon, so you have to install it first (on our demo it's not installed).

Hope you found all answers.


Dear imac,
Thank you for the link to the demo and your reply. It is exciting that CS-Cart is adding microdata in 4.2.
I'm not sure I completely understand your reply. Could you please elaborate?
Because microdata tags are for search engines to better show our websites and also to show more details to potential customers in search results. Its more for search engines to understand the content of pages so our websites can have better visibility and ranking. The reasons for microdata tags are:

  • visibility of specific details in search results (breadcrumb, rating, number of reviews, product-name, price, special offers, image, video, description, features, options, in stock, shipping time, brand, etc.). Example: http://cdn2.hubspot....t=1404245965577
  • better ranking in search engines like Google.
  • location listed in google, nearby stores listed in google results and placements in Google maps (for business location) Example: http://www.360i.com/...sing-schema-org
  • Appearing and ranking in Google shopping, pricegrabbers and other shopping search engines. Example,
  • placement in Google's sidebar results.Example: http://aha.elliance..../micro-data.jpg
  • placement in various product review websites
So microdata tags have a lot of benefits if its implemented fully. It can increase the sales of CS-Cart websites.

Where can I find examples of implemented microdata? In the HTML of the demo I dont see any implementation of property, itemprop or typeof.
What microdata format is CS-Cart using?
Could you please explain more about how and where CS-Cart is using microdata?

Which things have rich snippets? Only product? or also things like breadcrumb, rating, number of reviews, price, special offers, image, video, description, features, options, in stock, shipping time, brand, store location, etc.

This information would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

In Topic: Your License Has Expired. Renew Now To Avoid The Program Being Suspended.

02 January 2014 - 05:58 PM

Do you still receive this message?

In Topic: Registry: Undefined Cache Level

02 January 2014 - 07:49 AM

Hi Ilya - I am a bit concerned as earlier today, you had posted an official fix that included replacing the related function in the Registry.php. You had stated it was the official fix that would be included in the next release. I replaced the function with the code you provided and it worked for me, but since then it looks like your post with the official fix has been removed?

Can you please explain why it has been removed? I have that code running on my live store, is there something wrong with it that you discovered?

I didn't have time to examine the code to see what was the change so apologies if it was just commenting the 'die' out (which sounds like a bad fix to me), I've assumed it was a proper fix?




We decided to use the fix I posted first to not confuse clients with 2 different solutions.

Anyway, first fix resolves the problem completely.


In Topic: Your License Has Expired. Renew Now To Avoid The Program Being Suspended.

01 January 2014 - 02:56 PM

Hi guys.

Could you confirm you're using CS-Cart 2.2.x? If it is so, this message can appear when CS-Cart can not connect to our server to validate a license. This message should disappear when CS-Cart is able to connect and validate a license.

The validation algorithm was improved since CS-Cart 3 to avoid such problems.

Hope this help.