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#331445 Quote Required To Modify Mv Shipping

Posted by SIGMOD on 14 September 2020 - 10:50 AM

Once the administrator has created all Shipping Methods and Rate Areas and has made them available for Vendors, I require the vendor to be able to input their own shipping charges (not to use the shipping charges set by the site administrator).

1. Vendor to input their own shipping dependencies once the site admin has created the Shipping Methods and Rate Areas.
2. If a Vendor doesn't select various Rate Areas but instead opts for a single shipping Rate Area then I need to setup a default country (Australia wide) rate in the site admin that a Vendor can then select and edit the shipping charge amount.

#328388 Multi-Vendor Integrator That Integrates With Popular Ecommerce Stores

Posted by SIGMOD on 03 June 2020 - 11:43 PM

Multi-Vendor owner/operators need an app or plugin to offer their Vendor/Reseller clients so that they may integrate and sync products and sales from their own website (they may have Magento, Shopify, etc) to MV. It can make life so much easier and error-free. Orders received on MV will flow through to the Vendor/reseller for fulfillment to the customer.


There are apps and plugins already out there which sync to popular marketplaces from popular shopping carts but nothing between MV marketplace and popular shopping carts.


I beleive this will be very valuable for all.