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Motorbike Nguyen Tu has BUILT A BUSINESS that is known and recommended by everyone, travelers and friends in the industry for Motorbike rental and sales.

The team is led by Motorbike Nguyen Tu who has built a sterling reputation because of his expertise and enthusiasm.

Motorbike Nguyen Tu understands that bikes are more than just a mode of transport, it’s a lifestyle and a custom feeling of enjoyment while in Vietnam. We truly UNDERSTAND your passion of being on a road bike as well as a dirt bike.

Before heading on your way, we make sure that the bike is in top condition and offer you bike maintain advice, while you are on your planned route. Accept our INSTRUCTIONS to help ensure a great experience. Here we provide reliable and straightforward services to travelers.

If you want to rent a motorbike in Hanoi from a good and reliable place, this is the right place to go rent a motorbike.

Why Choose Motorbike Hanoi

A wide range of motorbikes for rent and sale

Provide bike accessories like helmets, bungee cords, luggage racks, gloves, mobile holders, usb chargers, elbow/knee guards

Route Planning: We give you advice, tips, recommendations on your planned route

Experienced maintenance and repair team

Reliable and straightforward services

Guarantee to buy back your motorbike at 50%-70% of its original price in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh mechanic thanks to our network of shops and partners

Support 24/7, quick ANSWERS to solve your PROBLEMS on the way or To get past language BARRIERS WHEN talking to other mechanics. Just contact us any time of day via telephone, facebook or whatsapp

On the way down to Vietnam, we provide you with a FREE bike check in Hanoi, Hoan Kiem city and Old quarter to ensure a good performance for your bike

At our shop, you can easily test drive at a safe and easy location

Easy deposit: Either passport or cash (accept deposit via Paypal)

How to hire or lease a motorbikes in Hanoi

Almost every village, town, city, island or accommodation type in Hanoi will offer the facility to hire a motorbikes, as will travel agencies and even street stores. At each of these places the price and quality of motorbike will be different as will the standard of care on maintenance between leasing them.

If you decide (or are required to) walk around and search for a motorbike hire shop, you will need to take a little extra care. Do not assume just because it is a motorbike leasing business that the staff have your safety at all in concern. Preform the safety checks listed further down, and do not be afraid of walking away if nothing is available. You life is at stake, and while it might be easy to give into temptation and rent a motorbike because it is getting hot — This should be a thought out and careful decision.

Try to avoid places that do not speak English. Sure you may feel fantastic at your gallant efforts at miming and hiring, but you know nothing about the insurance conditions or will be able to get help when you break down. The bottom line is, if someone starts a business hiring motorbikes and does not appreciate the language of their customers — what else is lacking?

Which motorbikes to choose From Nguyen Tu

If you wish, in Hanoi you can rent any bike. Starting from a simple scooter, to which you do not need the right, ending with a cool racing motorcycle or enduro. But, in truth, such specimens are rare here and it is difficult to get them, as a rule, tourists book them long before coming to rest. Therefore, the most popular here are ordinary scooters, which you will find everywhere. The entire range is not new, but in good condition. Vietnamese are trying to maintain the technical condition of their bikes at the proper level, so the risk that you stand somewhere on the track is not great.

The first thing to consider is your driving skill on a two-wheeled vehicle. If you ever sat behind the wheel of a motorbike, then you know that it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Therefore, I advise beginners to pay attention to the scooter with an automatic transmission. They will be a little more expensive than the mechanics, but much easier to manage. As for those who have experience, then you yourself can decide which bike will be more comfortable for you, automatic or mechanic.


Also take into account the distance of the planned trips, your dimensions and individual preferences.

What Are Motorbike Rental Nguyen Tu Requirements?

If you want to rent a Automatic Scooter in Hanoi, some rental companies ask for your passport while others don’t. We’ve noticed that shops located along the main touristy roads seem adamant about handing over your passport. It seems as though the smaller businesses on the less traveled side streets are more accepting to a passport photocopy or a cash deposit instead. To rent a Scooter in Hanoi, you need two things:


For motorbike rental, there are different procedures depending on the rental shop and the length of the rental. If you stay in a hotel and rent a motorbike from the hotel for a few days, the hotel will not require a deposit. If you rent directly from a rental shop, you need to give your passport to the owner until you return the motorbike or deposit an amount of money (from 2 million VND to 3 million VND). Leaving a passport with a shop while you travel the whole country is not ideal, so an alternative can be suggested. Often rental shops will accept a different form of valid identification or even a copy of the passport.

Or sometimes a rental company could ask for the hotel that you are staying in.

Regarding payments, you almost always pay in cash and upfront. Most motorcycle companies don’t ask to see proof of a driver’s license. You can drive away from their shop without toppling over or crashing into something or someone.

Some tips to rent a motorbike in Hanoi

Not all foreigners can take it easy in renting a motorbike , even though they are in front of a genuine rental motorbike shop. That’s the reason why they need some advice on this matter of concern. Let’s see below:

The most crucial thing which should come to your mind before you decide whether a motorbike is rented or not is to check it totally. If necessary, double check turn signals, lock, horn, brakes, wing mirrors, lights, and even take a short test drive around the allowed area of the shop.

Especially, be careful about the bike’s front brakes since traffic in large cities is heavy, or roads are slopping.

Once you must stop at the parking lot, please keep your parking ticket careful as losing it is a big problem in completing procedures to get the bike out. For instance, you must dial the renter’s phone number and ask about the vehicle registration certificate, which annoys you so much.

Before commencing your handlebar trip, ask some detailed information about the nearby gas stations and also the ones along your way.

Contact Motorbike Hanoi

Add: 112 Nguyen Van Cu, Bo De, Long Bien, HanoiVietnam

Tel: 0942467674

Open: 8.30 to 10pm ( everyday working )


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