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In Topic: Async Calls And Cs-Cart Backend

15 May 2022 - 08:12 PM



Most of my site is cached with NGINX as a proxy which seems to work well, but there is some dynamic content on my pages that is loaded based on the users session that is loaded afterwards.  One thing I noticed though is that for even a dynamic async call to the backend after the cached content is loaded it triggers all the bootstrapping of every addon that is installed. 


This doesn't seem very efficient, but I guess it is probably also necessary so that I can use CS-CART helpers etc.. 


Has this ever concerned anyone else and have you come across any ways to deal with this?  I guess to bypass such calls they would need to go through their own PHP script... 




You can use unmanaged add-ons, they are executed before most of the framework of CsCart is initialized. Such as storage, storefronts, normal addons, routing, etc.

In Topic: Improvements For European Union In Cs-Cart 4.15.1

04 May 2022 - 09:35 PM

Gijoy is correct, since summer last year we have to pay country specific VAT in each country using the OSS system. What lulu says is incorrect.


Most EU stores would still like to see the same pricing though in each Euro country. So a product should cost for example 19.95 in Germany (incl. 19% vat) as well as France (incl 20% VAT). This is currently impossible in cs-cart and i'm really happy this will be fixed soon, but as gijoy explains this will not be perfect for every store - some will want different prices per country... there might even be some that want this setting to be different per location (for example, have the same price in Germany and France, but have a higher price in Hungary where the VAT is quite a bit higher but this is maybe something that makes things overcomplicated).


Concerning OSS, I don't know what cs-cart could do more then what ikoshkin has planned. The export of orders will be enough and should be easily imported into the accounting systems.


For this you can currently use multiple storefronts.

In Topic: Eu Vat One Stop Shop

22 March 2022 - 04:32 PM

Im looking at doing the same, having to move carts..... the tax thing now since brexit is worse for me, and now they have removed the ability for variations to give product quantity discounts.


I paid CS a lot of money years ago to get this qty discount function added to the product options which they added to the core.

They then decided  to remove it ( i think forgot to implement) in the new version .https://prnt.sc/BwLwlJZHwVfD


I enquired about it being re added and was told $900 (yes 900) usd by Simtech and they may or may not add it in future releases.


I had it implemeted for 80$ by a developer


Im looking at magento to see if it is suitable, Im sorry to say as I have fought on CS side a long time, this is something I cant do without.



Magento is not the way to go. Surely its very extendable, but it is also a very big pain to maintain. Additionally, it has had numerous SQL injection vulnerabilities over the years. So unless you have the money to continuously hire developers to update it for you, you will be out of luck.

give us about v5 info , where we can test closed/open beta ?


What other info do you want. They posted a video listing all the things they were working on and even a roadmap?

In Topic: Create And D Drop Multiple Database

20 March 2022 - 09:52 AM

What is the error you are getting?

In Topic: Impact Of The Ukraine War On Cs-Cart License Validation

17 March 2022 - 05:21 PM

We do offer an add-on that can enable PDF rendering on our Dutch servers (against payment ofcourse), if that is of any interest.