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In Topic: Are Wordpress Sites Seo Friendly?

25 February 2021 - 04:16 PM

Are WordPress sites SEO friendly?

A bit more context is needed here.

In Topic: Dockerizing

23 February 2021 - 08:49 AM

Ok, we are just running a single instance of CS-CART at the moment on an ec2 for our production server.  Database and redis are installed on the server...   Which is probably an expensive way to run it... Would running it on beanstalk be suitable?  We have about 20,000 users per month, so not super high traffic. 





Sorry, it has been a while since I read these posts, but reading your previous post makes sense to me now... 


I am now thinking that we run with the kubernetes solution as it will perform like for like with our current solution, but also future proof us in that we would be able to scale up in the future... 


Considering you obviously have more experience, does that approach sound logical?


One thing I may not have mentioned is that I currently use an NGINX proxy in front of my webserver for caching... would it be worth replacing this with elasticache?  I have added some functions to my cscart addon that will clear nginx cache when things like product updates happen, product category reassignment etc.... rather than wiping the whole cache... I would need to consider how I do this in elasticache... 

You can still use nginx as a proxy. ElastiCache is just managed, scalable redis basically. Elastic Beanstalk is an option for sure, although I rather stick with cloud formation due to the fact that Beanstalk is fairly slow at updating (no PHP 8 support yet).

In Topic: Ab Add-On - Repricer Pro - Monitoring Of Competitors Prices And Dynamic Pricing

17 February 2021 - 06:35 PM

One more time: you are about demonstration of copyrighted content, on another domains (showed cases are about it)

But you do not need to show any data, you just collect prices and make some analytics for own pricing (no using content, no reposts, no publishing anywhere).

As you know all stores mark their prices with microdata to send them in search engines with prices (its open public info).

Yes, but I mention again, you implicitly agree (when warned accordingly) to a TOS if you visit someones domain. If you violate that TOS, no matter what you do, no matter what you copy, you simply are vulnerable to being sued for a completely VALID reason. If a TOS contains a simple thing like 'no scraping allowed for competitive advantages', you are already done.


And yes, stores can use micro data, but that in not even the slightest way, renders their TOS useless.


Once again, I am just warning users, that if they are not careful and mess with the wrong party, they can get sued. Its dangerous to do stuff like this if you do not read the TOS / footprint.

In Topic: Ab Add-On - Repricer Pro - Monitoring Of Competitors Prices And Dynamic Pricing

17 February 2021 - 03:15 PM

Of course is legal to watch public prices and adjust your prices. Do you still afraid of something? Just use a proxy.. problem solved. He already mentioned that in the video. Nice addon and must have for stores selling in marketplaces that lowest price matters. I am sure 99% of stores out there they will not even notice they are getting tracked

No its not legal by definition. If you get caught red handed, sending multiple req/s and ignoring TOS / Robots.txt / etc, you will be in deep trouble.


Some examples:


http://www.internetl...lib_case511.cfm/ https://en.wikipedia...iki/Browse_wrap

In Topic: Ab Add-On - Repricer Pro - Monitoring Of Competitors Prices And Dynamic Pricing

17 February 2021 - 12:23 PM

Thank you for your opinion.
But following your logic, then you should sue Google for constantly monitoring store page changes.

In fact, this is the business of every entrepreneur: manually monitor prices or automate this process. The main question is that it does not harm the websites of competitors (here this is already a legitimate question, but this question lies in the plane of the technical implementation of the monitoring process).

Legal web parsing or not is not a question of copyright ( you wrote "fair use policy" it is about copyright and illegal content usage)

Yeah, but I allow google to scrape by means of robots.txt, most of these companies blatantly ignore it. Which gets swiftly followed by a lawsuit if they continue scraping.

Do you think semrush, and similar sites get permission from websites from which it collects data? 

No they don't, but you can forbid them to do so by blacklisting them in your robots.txt