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In Topic: What Function Changes The Slider Value In Filters?

07 July 2020 - 02:49 PM

Hi, yes I found that function but it seems that actual values of the sliders/fields are already converted to the minimum before then. Because at the top of that function I tried printing the content of $selected_filters and when I changed the value to lower than the minimum, the value in $selected_filters was already the minimum. 


Does the system detect that the value is lower and then convert it to the lowest minimum option available at an earlier point before using that function? 

In Topic: Error In Orders

06 July 2020 - 07:45 AM

Nevermind, I found what was wrong. Apparently there really is a part of a code in auth.php where they do that intentionally, which seems weird to me. I thought it was a bug.

In Topic: What Are The 'object_Id', 'object_Type', And 'type' C...

29 June 2020 - 08:39 AM

Ah, I see. Thanks so much for this!

In Topic: What Is Fn_User_Send_Otp Used For?

24 June 2020 - 07:53 AM

Ah I see, thank you!

In Topic: What Is Fn_User_Send_Otp Used For?

24 June 2020 - 03:24 AM

Hmmmm, I activated the Customer Sign in block at the Layouts page of Checkout in the admin panel but I can't seem to see the actual option when I go to the Storefront.


When I click the button at Checkout, this is the popup I see. JevFYf5.jpg