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Automated Product Image Cropping

07 August 2020 - 01:44 PM



Could you please advise what is the best way how to ensure all uploaded product images have the same image ratio and size? This is clearly to ensure that the front end looks professional.


Ideally by forcing a manual crop to a pre-defined size and ration during each image upload, or by implementing an (intelligent) auto-cropper. I have found a couple of auto/crop add-ons, but also several bad reviews talking about "broken sites" and other issues.


Hence any first hand recommendation would be great!


Thank you! 

Hiding "remote" And "server" Upload Option + Hidpi Checkbox

07 August 2020 - 01:35 PM

Hello all,


Could you please advise how we could hide the "URL" and "Server" options from the Logo tab in the vendor background, to leave only the Local option? The other 2 are confusing and hence need to make them invisible.


We would also like to remove the  "I'm uploading a HiDPI Image" checkbox. I believe this comes from the "HiDPI displays support" add-on. I have done a bit of reading and found that we can either enable the HiDPI support by default for all images, which might however force their resizing to half of the "normal" size. Or we could disable it, which should remove the checkbox.


Question - What will be the downside of disabling the add-on? Is there going to be any considerable impact on the user experience, considering that little (if any) vendors know what HiDPI images are, and hence are not using the option.


Thank you!


Social Login - Post-Login Local Url

01 August 2020 - 09:01 AM

Hello all,


I am having a little problem with social login via Google. The authentication phase is fine, an account gets created, and the user is automatically logged in the 1st time. However, when he logs out and logs in again using Google, he gets a 404 error for an non existing URL - https://craftland.ch...s.load</strong> . I can't seem to find where this can be fixed by setting it to https://craftland.ch/index.php only.


We have a social login via Facebook as well, this works better while using a local URL of https://craftland.ch...section=general .


Could you advise how/where we can change these local URLs?


Thank you very much!

Stripe Express Accounts

02 March 2020 - 05:49 PM

Hello all,


We would like to use Stripe Connect Express accounts for our new marketplace and I am wondering whether there is an existing add-on supporting this?


All the add-ons I have found seem to support Stripe Connect Standard accounts only. We are interested in the Express version due to its simplified on-boarding, as well as much simpler management dashboard that is easier to use for less technical vendors.


If I missed any existing add-on setting, don't hesitate to point me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance for any helpful comments! :-)

Full Multivendor Translation - Fr & De

03 February 2020 - 01:14 PM

Hello all,
We are building a new marketplace based on Multivendor v.4.11 that is supposed to be in 3 languages - English, French, and German. I have started to look into the last 2 and noticed that French
and German language packs are incomplete and quite a bit of work is needed to finish everything up.
I presume that we are not the only Multivendor users using the French and German languages and I am hence wondering whether anyone can supply full language packs for these 2 languages. Paid or unpaid.
Moveover, if there is any other multi-language marketplace owner who is willing to trade, do not hesitate to let me know. I will be subsequently willing to make the packs available to the community.
Thank you in advance!