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Paypal Commerce Integration Is Currently Unusable

02 December 2020 - 02:50 PM

We spent the past couple months working on the new Paypal Commerce Integration with CS-Cart MVE, but upon testing we found that the checkout experience is unusable for a few reasons:


1) If you click the "Pay with PayPal" button at Checkout, then X out of Paypal without completing payment and then click the "Pay with PayPal" button again the system completes the Order as successful and complete...even though it was never paid.


2) If you "X" out of Paypal, go back to browsing the marketplace, then go back Checkout the "Pay with Paypal" button is now gone and the "Place Order" button appears...and it allows the buyer to complete checkout without paying.


3) The PayPal "Debit or Credit Card" option experience doesn't make sense and creates an unpleasant checkout experience. Specifically because it's asking the buyer to enter all their information twice. The buyer has to first enter their Name, Phone, Email and Address to get shipping rates...then clicks "Debit or Credit Card"... and has to re-enter Name, Phone, Email and Address to pay. It should pull all this information into the Paypal Form automatically. Also, it should NOT have the checkbox option to change the shipping address in the Paypal form since that wouldn't update shipping rates. Not to mention, why is the form asking "Ship to Billing" Address when the customer already entered where they want it shipped to?


Please see attached screenshot.


We are very excited about this  PayPal integration and hope the CS-Cart team can get it working properly soon.







Warning: V.4.11.5 Is Crashing Our Multi-Vendor Site

30 October 2020 - 06:12 PM

I just wanted to warn everyone that the latest version of CS- Cart Multi-Vendor (V.4.11.5) is giving us major issues. They all seem to relate to vendors in our Multi-Vendor site. We upgraded our site on Monday and we now experience the following:


  • - Vendors are not able to pay their marketplace fees. When a vendor click the "Pay the Fees" button it loops until it times out and crashes. Nobody is able to pay their fees


  • - Once someone clicks the "Pay the Fees" button things spike and the website slows to a crawl. So, the site is frequently slowing down.


  • - Many of our vendors are no longer able to log into their Vendor Admin panel. With 1,000 shops in our marketplace we are getting a number of complaints as you can imagine.


We placed a ticket on Tuesday with CS-Cart support, they got back to us Wednesday and when we immediately replied we got a notice that it will take two more days for them to get back to us.


Is anyone else facing problems with V.4.11.5? 

Email Marketing Subscriber Sign-Up?

09 September 2020 - 07:53 PM

We are attempting to use the built-in "Email Marketing" addon. I see that it allows people to 'opt-in' to subscribe at checkout, but what if someone didn't purchase something? Is there a block/template that offers an input field for a visitor to enter their email address and subscribe?


I know the Newsletter Addon has this function, but that needs to be de-activated when using the Email Marketing addon. I also notice there are two "Subscribe" blocks available, but they display nothing when I choose them. Is there a template I should be looking for?


I appreciate if anyone knows this answer.



Change Color Of Top Panel Bar

28 August 2020 - 08:57 PM

Does anyone know how to change the color of the Top Panel Bar? I would like to have it stand out with a different color for the background and text.


See the attached screenshot.


Thanks if anyone can answer this!

Promotions/coupons Do Not Work In Multi-Vendor

27 August 2020 - 03:12 PM

We learned that vendors in Multi-Vendor aren't able to create coupons codes. It seems CS-Cart designed it so when "Vendor A" creates a discount code it applies the Vendor A discount to Vendor B's products at checkout as well. So, if you have a cart with multiple products from different vendors a coupon code created by one vendor will work on all the products at checkout.


Obviously, vendors shouldn't be able to create coupons for other vendors. With this design a sneaky vendor could create a "100% Off" coupon and purchase everything in our marketplace for free.   :-( 


CS-Cart support said vendor coupons will work correctly with the Direct Customer to Vendors Payments addon enabled. Although, that addon means buyers need to check out from every vendor individually instead of checking out once for all products from multiple vendors. Modern Marketplaces haven't worked like this for over a decade and it sounds like a bad buyer experience to make someone check out multiple times when purchasing something from one website.


I would like to propose CS-Cart fix Promotions so that if a Vendor creates a Discount Coupon it will work only on the products within that vendors catalog and not on every product in the marketplace.