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Change In Invoice Document

16 April 2021 - 03:49 PM

Hi We need to change c.name + addresd and vendor logo in Invoice document to marketplace name + address and logo Please help us how to do in it Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk

Payment Method Set At Vendor Level Not Appearing

10 April 2021 - 06:02 AM

Hi We have set a Payment method named Cash on Delivery at vendor level but is not appearing at same vendor level shipping method named TCS at checkout When we set the payment method at master administrator level, however, it starts appearing at checkout. Any suggestions? Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk

Free Shipping

07 April 2021 - 06:55 AM

If we select free shipping at products level, but uncheck " use as free shipping" at shipping method level, would shipping rate of such shipping method would appear at Checkout? Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk

Redirect From.old Url

12 December 2020 - 12:43 AM

Hi, We have created a blog named motorcycle reviews 2020 Now we edit it and rename this page as motorcycle reviews 2021 (with minor changes) We have unchecked option ... Redirect from old url So would this blog appear in xml sitemap as a new page? Thanks Sent from my LND-L29 using Tapatalk

Edit Html Code Of. Page Or Product Page

11 December 2020 - 08:42 PM

Hi How to Edit HTML code of. Page or product page Sent from my LND-L29 using Tapatalk