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#341239 How To Add Order # At Order Confirmation Page

Posted by cigarhut on 28 July 2021 - 12:13 AM

I found here a way to do what you want (the order # will be above the "Congratulations")

Templatesresponsive / templates / views / orders / details.tpl





find at the bottom 

{capture name="mainbox_title"}
    <em class="ty-date">({$order_info.timestamp|date_format:"`$settings.Appearance.date_format`, `$settings.Appearance.time_format`"})</em>
    <em class="ty-status">{__("status")}: {include file="common/status.tpl" status=$order_info.status display="view" name="update_order[status]"}</em>

and here is where you want to make the change


Templatesresponsive / templates / views / checkout / complete.tpl




find this at the bottom

{capture name="mainbox_title"}{__("order")}{/capture}

and change to

{capture name="mainbox_title"}

Your checkout complete page will now be like this


Order #101

Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed.