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27 August 2019 - 03:59 PM

does this work with suppliers? for example will the supplier receive the purchase order with the cost price?

In Topic: Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

16 August 2019 - 03:41 AM


No plans for several Billing addresses. There will be several shipping addresses (in case allow multiple profiles is enabled) and only on billing address.

Can you describe a scenario when you need several billing addresses?

I have run several oscommerce websites for the last 15 years and am looking to migrate to cs cart, BUT after reading this post and looking into the "new and improved" checkout process, if I were to spend the 3500 on the multivender version I would have to do some serious rewites to get the check out to work as required not only for my customers but for my credit card processor and accounting software.


oscommerce lets you define how many address book entries a customer can store (I have mine set to 5)

customer can give those address book entries any name they like

customer can define if the entry is default billing, shipping or contact

(by default the cart only asks for 1 address and that is set for all 3 unless specified otherwise)


you asked for a scenario where a customer needs several billing addresses? I have hundred and HUNDREDS of customers that must have more than 1. like these examples

1 old customer has his wife or daughter or himself buy his cigars for him so he has 3 billing address and 2 shipping addresses, his house and his daughters work

another customer buys for his business and for himself. so at times he bills to his company, other times he bills to himself and ships to both

another customer is not so rich but always wants his cigars, sometimes 1 cc card is maxed so he orders with the other card he has

etc etc etc I could go on and on but you get the idea


my shops ask for billing first, then you are taken to shipping where you can enter a new address if needed, shipping is then calculated, customer reviews the order (can edit as needed) and then payment is made and order is processed.


I understand the desire to make checkout simpler and agree with the direction, BUT billing is absolutely a must for any shop in North America. we can NOT do business without it if we want to be able to accept credit cards and have any kind of fraud protection.


my dream checkout process would be like this...


customer clicks checkout

if not already logged in, cart asks for email address, if in database asks for password and then is taken to checkout

if not in database, is asked to create account or checkout as guest, fills in personal info, billing (and shipping address if not the same)

is then taken to checkout where he selects shipping method and pays for order


I tried it out on the demo site and was asked for shipping and billing on any profile I created, (via a check box if another was required)


your "user profiles" seem to be asking for same info multiple times if a customer has several cards they want to use and may ship to home, work, family member or friend as gift


why not just 1 address per profile with the ability to select it as the shipping, billing or contact address?


seems to me that would be a whole lot easier for both the shop and customer (it is also what I have on my system.


also I use an old version of MYOB that does not connect via api so I import via a csv file the order, purchases and customer data (3 separate files) customer has 3 address fields that must not be blank, customer, billing and shipping, if they are the same it is populated 3 times else each is entered as individual.


drop-ship email sent to vendor includes customer address AND shipping address

order email sent to shop owner and customer has both addresses as well


I am hoping, oh so hoping that upon further investigation into cs cart that it can do as I need it to to migrate from an outdated oscommerce site as it seems to have 90% of the functions I have already implemented and there are addons I gan but to fill in the rest.

my other option is to upgrade oscommerce to the latest bootstrap version and try to have the hundred or so ancient addons and code I wrote 10-12 years ago updated to php 7.2


imac, i sincerely hope you listen to your users and make the changes as requested so I can buy this system and make the move into the responsive world that much easier


all the best

Jim B