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Mpn Manufacturer Part Number Via Json-Ld Third Party Plugin

25 October 2019 - 07:25 AM

Good day,

I purchased a 3rd party plugin called "JSON-LD Rich Snippets" developed by eComLabs, so that our online products will have structured data picked by google and other search engines to show Rich Snippets in search result pages.


However, after using this addon for a few days, we realized that the MPN ( Manufacturer Part Number ) for our products is not correctly picked by this addon. Instead, it picked up SKU or Product code from the product details and sends SKU value to the MPN identifier. That's a bummer.


Has anyone used alternate addons available to show Rich snippets correctly?

Number Of Order Statuses - Limited To 24

26 September 2019 - 07:04 AM


We noticed that the system does not allow more than 24 order status(es) to be added.

These seem to be uniquely identified with uppercase alphabets from A,B,C.....V,W,X.

These do not even include Y and Z alphabets, which could at least allow up to 26 statuses.


Is everyone satisfied with this limit of 24 order statuses?


We find it a limiting factor, as a number of variations need to be categorized as unique order statuses - Because there do not seem to be other fields that could be used to create a "saved" advanced search to identify or categorize such order statuses.


Can the limit be increased somehow? Are there any other solutions or workarounds?


Messaging Center - Customers

25 September 2019 - 11:31 AM


Is there a way to disable the ability for customers to send messages from a product page?

It is desirable to show them a "contact us" page instead of ability to send a message.


Product Availability Needs To Be Taken From Stock Instead Of Google Export Features

12 September 2019 - 07:22 AM


There is a stand-alone (independent) field in a product admin for "Availability" under Google Export Features (which is on the Features tab).


In other words, if a product becomes out of stock (but we selected "in stock" on the features tab while it was in stock and we sent a feed), the feed export to google tells it that the product is in stock. But once google has processed the feed and it checks the live URL of the product for availability, it determines that the product is actually out of stock! (see attached image)


This is a huge contradiction and google flags it as a warning (might disapprove such products in future, who knows) and this is a problem for merchants ourselves.


A better idea: The "availability" field on Features of the product should be automatically filled according to the Stock availability of the product as it is entered on the "General" tab of the product. For example, if a component has "1"or "14" mentioned on the Stock field on the Product, it should be treated as "Available".


Does this make sense? Is this a good idea? Isn't it the way it should work?

Order Tracking Roadblock

11 September 2019 - 01:15 PM


On my website> My Account> Track my order(s) 

always produces an ErrorThe E-mail/Order ID you entered doesn't exist


This is consistent with whether a customer tries to check their tracking status or if one of us try to test this feature from the admin side.


Is there something I'm missing and need to know before making use of this nifty little feature?

Thanks in advance.