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Product Availability Needs To Be Taken From Stock Instead Of Google Export Features

12 September 2019 - 07:22 AM


There is a stand-alone (independent) field in a product admin for "Availability" under Google Export Features (which is on the Features tab).


In other words, if a product becomes out of stock (but we selected "in stock" on the features tab while it was in stock and we sent a feed), the feed export to google tells it that the product is in stock. But once google has processed the feed and it checks the live URL of the product for availability, it determines that the product is actually out of stock! (see attached image)


This is a huge contradiction and google flags it as a warning (might disapprove such products in future, who knows) and this is a problem for merchants ourselves.


A better idea: The "availability" field on Features of the product should be automatically filled according to the Stock availability of the product as it is entered on the "General" tab of the product. For example, if a component has "1"or "14" mentioned on the Stock field on the Product, it should be treated as "Available".


Does this make sense? Is this a good idea? Isn't it the way it should work?

Order Tracking Roadblock

11 September 2019 - 01:15 PM


On my website> My Account> Track my order(s) 

always produces an ErrorThe E-mail/Order ID you entered doesn't exist


This is consistent with whether a customer tries to check their tracking status or if one of us try to test this feature from the admin side.


Is there something I'm missing and need to know before making use of this nifty little feature?

Thanks in advance.

More Beneficial Forums

04 September 2019 - 04:10 PM

Greetings, fellow members.
While browsing these forums for answers and help, I have noticed that a user asks a question and respected members tried to help which is very much appreciated. 
At the same time, some of the final answers appeared to be "check your pm".
I want to ask everyone: Does this kind of answer help other users with their problem? I believe that this is less than helping, because the solution never appeared on the forums and other users searching for the same or a similar problem will be forced to look elsewhere for a solution - or post a new thread to ask for help.
Now, there are a couple apparent issues arising from this scenario:
  1. Since the solution was not provided in the thread as a post, other users searching for a solution have their valuable time wasted on reading the whole thread but without a solution!
  2. As a result of a user unable to search for a solution (to an existing problem or question,) he/she will post it as a new thread. Therefore, there will be more threads for the same issue and:
    • More users will have their time wasted trying to find solutions from more than one threads. And
    • More users will have their time wasted when they post new threads for a similar or an existing issue.
  3. However, when the answers are provided inside a thread, our respected cs-cart team members will have lesser number of new threads to respond to. This will allow them:
  • more time to dedicate to working on new and improved features of cs-cart/  MVE,
  • to develop advanced and progressive plugins, and
  • to dedicate more time towards resolving existing support tickets/ bugs.
What do you guys think?

Default Features Versus Custom Features

03 September 2019 - 03:14 PM


Having tried a lot of combinations/ possibilities, I figured out that Google will happily pick up the "Brand" feature from the default (already) provided features by cs-cart.


The "Brand" with feature ID 18 just showed a positive response from Google recognizing it as the real "Brand" of the product, as compared to the "Brand" that we were previously using from the Google Export Features (Feature group). This means a couple of things:


1) The Features created by default by the cs-cart team take precedence over features created by the admin/user/customer. Is that correct?


2) The documentation from CS-cart is incomplete with respect to which Features or Feature Groups are supposed to work correctly (especially with respect to Google) - and which ones are designed for "other" purposes. The Brand feature on the Google Export Features list is apparently only useful for generating a feed export.


3) The MPN field is still not getting picked up by Google as a product identifier. Please refer to the attached screenshot. I await your kind solution in this matter.



Export Product Feed From Admin With Unnecessary Fields

31 August 2019 - 06:47 AM

Good day.

When I export a datafeed (Data feeds -> Download), the exported feed file has 2 additional columns which I never selected by myself, nor there seems to be an option to disable them.

These columns are:

1) item_group_id

2) google_product_category


We do not need these columns in the datafeed, at the moment.


Can anyone help me disable these columns from the feed export, so that we do not have to remove these unwanted columns manually, every time we export a feed file.

Thanks in advance.