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Base De Datos (Error) Cart/ (Error)

18 October 2020 - 06:24 AM

After several attempts to update and restore the backup on several occasions my cs-cart is dead, I need help

Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.

Base de datos (error)
Errores: Unknown column 'cscart_shippings.disable_payment_ids' in 'field list' <b>(1054)</b>
Consulta: SELECT cscart_shippings.shipping_id, cscart_shipping_descriptions.shipping, cscart_shipping_descriptions.delivery_time, cscart_shipping_descriptions.description, cscart_shippings.rate_calculation, cscart_shippings.service_params, cscart_shippings.destination, cscart_shippings.min_weight, cscart_shippings.max_weight, cscart_shippings.service_id, cscart_shippings.free_shipping, cscart_shipping_services.module, cscart_shipping_services.code as service_code, cscart_shippings.is_address_required, cscart_shippings.disable_payment_ids FROM cscart_shippings LEFT JOIN cscart_shipping_descriptions ON cscart_shippings.shipping_id = cscart_shipping_descriptions.shipping_id LEFT JOIN cscart_shipping_services ON cscart_shipping_services.service_id = cscart_shippings.service_id WHERE cscart_shippings.status = 'A' AND cscart_shippings.shipping_id IN (6) AND (cscart_shippings.min_weight <= 0.00 AND (cscart_shippings.max_weight >= 0.00 OR cscart_shippings.max_weight = 0.00)) AND cscart_shipping_descriptions.lang_code = 'es' ORDER BY cscart_shippings.position


admin.php (require): 25
init.php (fn_init): 169
app/functions/fn.init.php (fn_init_user): 1109
app/functions/fn.init.php (fn_extract_cart_content): 679
app/functions/fn.cart.php (fn_calculate_cart_content): 1884
app/functions/fn.cart.php (getShippingsList): 3892
app/Tygh/Shippings/Shippings.php (db_get_hash_array): 487
app/functions/fn.database.php (getHash): 44
app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php (call_user_func_array): 249
app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php (query): 504

Retro Compatibility

02 July 2020 - 02:12 PM

Every year when Cs-cart launches its updates I lose money, because Cs-cart does not have retro compatibility, they really should solve this and think more about their clients, every year I have to pay a certain company to reconnect a module that has cost a lot of money to integrate.