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02 September 2018 - 04:44 PM

5. Please explain what exactly you mean. Are you referring to a charge similar to 'shipping'?;


We just want to offer a single flat rate fee site wide with all vendors. (In the future) Esentially it would be a flat rate fee that we collect as the marketplace. Vendors wouldn't be accepting shipping costs on checkout, we would. 


  • Flat rate fee site wide: $7 for example no matter what vendor you buy from or how many.
  • Vendors don't collect shipping cost upon order, we do.
  • Every 2 weeks (Month or whatever it is) vendors send us csv, shipping receipt of total shipments from Anythingsportsman.com.
  • We reimburse them.

We are essentially trying to combat customers paying multiple shipping methods, our biggest problem is when someone buys 7 different companies "fishing lures" for example and have to pay 7 different methods for something that should fit in a small flat rate box if we were to warehouse the item and ship ourselves.


Almost like a Amazon Prime in a sense.


Thanks also for the heads up, will be contacting you about the inventory automation.


Thanks again,




This would be a great feature to have for multivendor.


With my site vendors are part of a local hub where they pool delivery charges so I would like to charge one fee when a customer buys from multiple vendors. As the site owner I would charge the shipping for this rather than each of the vendors.


Is this something that is offered as an add-on by any chance?



In Topic: Product Search Filters

31 August 2018 - 08:28 PM

If I understand you correctly, you can create Color feature and add product filter by this feature. As a result, color filter will be displayed on the search results page and customer will be able to filter products by available colors

Thanks so much, that's sorted out what I need :-) 


I thought it should be possible without customisation and with your help managed to see what to do. Appreciate your help.