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403 Error - Payment Plugin

18 February 2019 - 10:51 AM



right now i get a payment plugin programmed for my site. The bank server has to ask if the connection is still there before the payment gets authorized. For this a conformation script has to be called. The problem is that i get a 403 forbidden error when i want to call the script. I set up the file rights correctly and already asked my host if there are some specific security settings that should be modified on the webserver. But they also couldn´t find the problem why i get a 403.

Then I also tried this:  http://kb.cs-cart.co...ceptable-errors

Still no solution.

Anybody knows how the problem could be solved?

Multivendor: Email To Vendor Before Approving His Accout

07 November 2018 - 12:54 PM



i would like to send an email to the vendor before his account is approved.


e.g.: "Your company details are going to be checked. As soon your account is approved you will get an email notification. etc..."


Where can i set this up?


Thanks in advance,


Transfer Addon Licence To New Domain

15 September 2018 - 01:01 PM



i am using alexbrandings unitheme. Now i want to transfer my shop to a new domain. I am using the same webhost and connected the server directory of my new domain in the hosts webspace settings. Everything works after changing the config local. But because the Alexbranding thirdparty addons are registered to my old domain they dont work and i get a licence error. I wrote the support of AB (not only once) but they dont answer my ticket and are also not responding to my mails.


So heres my question:

Can i change the old domain to the new one somewhere in a file on my server?


Thanks in advance,



How To Change Font In Alexbrandings Unitheme?

12 September 2018 - 12:50 PM



does somebody know how to replace "MuseoSans" Headline font and "Arial" text font with custom google fonts in alexbranding - Unitheme template?


I only could find museosans font in:


I downloaded the new custom font, converted it to webfont and hat to rename it (in my case "open sans") into MuseoSansBlack.ttf/woff/eot and replace the files in the directory. It works - but i think its not a nice solution. Is there a better way?


And how to change the arial text font, i dont know at all. I tried to import my desired fonts with @font-face but its not clear for me where to change it.


Can somebody help?


Thanks to everybody in advance!