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Thank You

07 December 2018 - 11:29 AM

Hello there.
Finally, we are opening our marketplace. We are now integrating for CRM software.
Our marketplace is for a specific sector. That's why we've closed the site. Only approved members and vendors will benefit from our site.
I have several add-ons that I use when setting up the Marketplace system. First of all, I would like to thank the extension developers.
I would like to thank to Line Teknoloji (http://www.lineteknoloji.com) who wrote the plug-in for the iyzico payment system, which developed a payment system for the marketplaces in our country.
I would like to thank eCom-Labs (https://www.ecom-labs.com/) for developing great extensions for Cs-Cart. I also thank you in the courtesy they showed in my e-mails.
I use eCom-Labs plugins:
1. Login Redirect: Enables you to close your website to visitors.
2. Banners Availability: Banners are displayed in a certain date range.
3. Live Search Free: Enables live search.
4. Search Improvements: Sets the minimum character limit in searches.
5. Order History: Gives historical information about payment in the Management panel.
6. Product From Other Sellers: View from other vendors that sell the same product.
7. Random Products: It allows the products to randomize according to the selected order.
8. Tabbed Blocks: It allows us to list products in a different view.
9. Pages Content In Blocks: Displays the contents of the fixed pages in blocks.
10. Vendor's Meta Data: Enables the entry of meta information for vendors.
I would like to thank HUNGRYWEB (https://www.hungryweb.net/) who wrote the Cookie Law Responsive plug-in for the cookie.
I would also like to thank all the members of the forum who sincerely answered the questions I asked.
And lastly, I would like to thank all the Cs-Cart family who developed the Multi Vendor system to help us use such a system.
If you want to review our website https://www.drstok.com

No Black Friday Campaign?

23 November 2018 - 09:34 AM

No Black Friday campaign? I've never seen a discount at the marketplace.

Cs-Cart Multivendor Additional Regulations

11 July 2018 - 09:17 PM

We have a marketplace system for a specific sector. However, we are experiencing software-related problems that we use. So we intend to move the entire system to the cs-cart multivendor.
But we need help on some issues.
1. We want the website to be closed for visitors, only members will see and buy their website.
2. We need a few additional areas that are compulsory to fill in the membership form.
3. We need an additional confirmation checkbox on the membership form.
4. Only legal entities may apply for a store subscription.
5. In the store application form, individuals or corporate companies need to fill in different. We should show these areas according to the selected company.
For example, private companies only need to enter tax information. But corporate companies have additional fields that need to be filled next to their tax information.
6. We also need an additional contract confirmation box in the store application form.
7. Customer and store membership must be approved by the administrator.
Only individuals and / or companies in the sector can buy or sell products.
If you select "Üyelik Türü" "Şahıs" in the membership form you will see in this address, the form opened in the heading "Şirket Bilgileri" and "Üyelik Türü" will be different from the form opened in the heading "Şirket Bilgileri"
How can I do these 7 items in cs-cart multivendor?