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Creating New Block Error

05 May 2019 - 08:10 PM

I tried to get support from CS Cart long time ago to this issue but it wasn’t resolved. When I add new pages or even try to create new blocks This error occur every time. Any ever experienced this issue:


When I try create new block


Manage Blocks > Create New Block > HTML Block with Smarty Support


I tried to add piece of code for SSL. Once I click CREATE, it won’t be saving, but return from ADMIN area to website front page??? 


Any hint to right direction would be highly appreciated. Is it some setting issue on server or in CS Cart ? Server settings so far should be ok but if you have something worth to check let me know.


I have CS Cart on dedicated server.

Exported Order Data

03 January 2019 - 10:37 AM

Is there a simple way to deactivate ORDER ID, E-MAIL & STORE from exported file? I think having those “mandatory” fields are kinda outdated while I need output from fields what I need. Other two issues:  SHIPPING: STATE (why I cannot select complete state name instead of ISO two letter?) also the SHIPPING: COUNTRY is just ISO two letters. I need to have complete country name. I never use cs-cart export function yet and didn’t look if there’s a simple ways to “add” or select complete field name for export??

Paypal Errors Extremely Annoying

15 August 2018 - 04:12 PM

Not sure what causes this every day "losing orders" with following error:


Payment processor response
Transaction was canceled by the customer
I know that customers didn't cancel the orders but it was the communication from cart to PAYPAL. The connection from CS CART itself to PAYPAL is just having small sentence left top corner where many customers don't even see it.
Is there any ADVANCED paypal module for CS CART where customer can truly see that they are still having connection between CART and PAYPAL.
Any ready module welcomed.

Paypal Changes To Wrong Currency

26 June 2018 - 10:46 AM

Is this an error or is it just how CS Cart handle PAYPAL payments. I have multi currency in use and base currency is US Dollar. My problem is that if I use New Zealand Dollar on one site. Once it's paid in NZD, it converts automatically to USD ?? I have all needed currencies activated on PAYPAL.


Is this How PAYPAL work on CS CART and if there's something to do with it , HOW? Recent changes with PAYPAL or what is it?


Any additional paid modules to handle PAYPAL payments and currencies correct way?

Upgrade From 4.7.4 To 4.8.1 Failed

21 June 2018 - 08:24 AM

It's been so far easy process to upgrade. Last upgrade 4.7.4 I did's see GDPR addon at all (yes, tried to search). After getting in contact with support they obviously installed GDPR addon manually and it was available.


Now after I tried to upgrade from 4.7.4 to 4.8.1 I got n error as shown in JPEG file. I have multistore but all stores use english at the moment and I don't get it why the error message contain reference to language FR (French obviously). The upgrade process failed and not sure how to proceed. 


I'm able to login to admin area but I didn't restore old files back yet. Trying to avoid downtime if such happen.Attached File  error.JPG   83.48KB   59 downloads