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In Topic: Vendor Roles And Product Feature Permissions

09 May 2018 - 04:11 AM

I think that way too. There are functions in the vendor panel that they are not able to change, so why are we showing them this info?

It would be better to hide it or at least give to admins the option to hide them.

In Topic: Instagram Shopping?

09 May 2018 - 03:53 AM

I hope you can add it soon, it can help boost sales in some cases  :-)

Do you have plans for compatibility with CS Cart?

In Topic: Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

09 May 2018 - 12:41 AM

Hi everyone.


I've just talked to one of our clients about Geolocation feature - and one of his idea is that after a customer selected his location - all the products in the category should be filtered by his town only. If the vendor location is outside this town - his product won't be shown to customer.

In other words once customer selects his location - he sees only the products located in his city.


What do you thing about this feature?

If the filter is only applied in a category or sub category is ok, but should disappear after the user changes the search or goes back to any other section on the store. It would be a problem if the Geolocation feature filters by default all the products of the store in a city.

In Topic: Vendors Geolocation, Search On Map And By Location

09 May 2018 - 12:27 AM

- What type of business model do you have (who are your vendors, in what regions do you work)

In my case we are creating a construction marketplace in Mexico, we have manufacturers and distributors from every city 

- Why location is matters for you? (what problem will this feature solve)

Generally distributors sell the same products in every city, so it is faster and cheaper for customers to buy a local distributor

- How should it work (few words about how it will be seen by customer in your storefront)

I like the way it looks in the mockups, it would be cool if it had the Google location icon, or at least the chance to choose the icon every store wants, because at least here people are used to see that icon related to location.


Also, do you have any estimated release date?