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Can I Install On Second Server For Testing?

18 December 2018 - 06:23 AM

I have a CS cart licence - can I install on a second server to make changes and test results before making the same mods to my public site?



Unexpected Results With Variants

29 May 2018 - 01:35 AM

I am experiencing an unexpected result with importing product data via a csv and the way the product is displayed in cs-cart.
Attached is the csv test file and the store link is below.  I have added a line number to the end of both the product name and product description fields (CSV1... CSV16) so that its easy to tell on the store where the data for the name and description is sourcing from in the csv file.
The first variant line in the csv is a "dummy" product, with no price - in order that the cart displays to the visitor two input fields - "please select a size" and "please select a color", without displaying the description and name of the real first product in the csv field (which is what happens without a dummy product and before the customer has chosen which product they want - which I think is a "bug" but my dummy product creates a work around).
1st unexpected result:
If you select the only sub-category available at the store, the resulting product name display is correct but the photo is not. The photo is from the product variants, (csv line 2 thru 9) and not csv line 1 (the configurable product line). I have verified that the image file is correctly loaded in the cs cart image path and have tested it with a different csv import that uses just P type products and not configurable. The file that should be displayed is also attached.
2nd unexpected result:
If you continue and click on "Select options", the size and color selectors display the prompt text and are correct, the product name is correct, and the description is correct.
Now, if you choose a size and color from the dropdowns; you end up with the correct price and product code for the items selected, but the product name and product description remain unchanged and are from line 1 of the csv file - the dummy product.  It should be the name and description of the selected variant. If you toggle between the color choices, the correct images is displayed.
Is this a bug with the variants add-on?  Or have I got something wrong in the way I've set up the data in the csv fields?
Any help much appreciated....
here is the store link:  https://www.abtechgr..._key=justforyou

Missing Example Document

28 May 2018 - 04:44 PM

During my reading of the documentation for importing product files and how to do so for Option Variants, one of the documents had a link to another document that had a nice example of how a few lines of the csv file should look that has variants (it was an example using Tshirt colour and size variants).


The example had shirt1, shirt2, shirt3 etc for the product code.


I can no longer find that example document. 


Any help locating it would be appreciated,



Widget Mode - Can It Be Modified To Be Product Specific?

27 May 2018 - 05:54 AM

Is it possible to modify the widget mode code so that it is product specific?


So instead of launching the entire store from a link, it goes to a specific product of the store?


That would save customers searching for the item in the store, and helping to prevent customer abandonment.


Thank you



View All Options As List - List Is Missing Items And Is Randon

25 May 2018 - 06:13 PM

When choosing view all options as list - the generated list is limited to 10 - and the items displayed are randon, not in any alphabetical order or price order.


Any help appreciated


Thank you




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