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How To Remove Pages From Menu With Categories

12 January 2021 - 08:53 AM

From the Homepage, when you select from the category menu, it opens up another page with a product picture. From this page you then have to click on the link to to take you to the actual page where you can make a selection. I have attached screen shots of the steps i have taken.


Can anyone advise if we are able to remove this middle layer (Step 2) as it's and additional step for a customer which isn't required.





Creating New Pages

30 December 2020 - 01:33 PM

Is it possible to build a page which holds additional product information i.e download pdf or just have the information displayed on a page?


Ideally i would like the cusotmer to be able to access it from a page from drop down menu or have the abilty to selct it via a link from the product page itself.

Categories And Product Display From Homepage

09 December 2020 - 10:11 AM



In our store we have a number of categories and under each category we have a number of sub categories, then under the sub categories the product sits with different variations.


I have managed to build the top level categories on the Homepage and then the sub categories but when selecting the sub category the product info isn't being displayed.


Can anyone help with how i build the following?


Select>Homepage>Top Level Category>Sub Category>Product



Unable To Enter Cc Details

10 July 2020 - 03:26 PM



I am having issues in entering credit card details in the Checkout screen. It allows me to enter the card holders name but nothing else.


I have installed the Stripe Add on and have entered both the Publishable and the Secret key.

How To Remove Or Amend Data Displayed On Product

24 June 2020 - 01:39 AM

We are currently using version 4.11 of CS-Cart.


When selecting a product from either the Homepage or the menu bar, when the product appears on screen it displays data which we would like to either remove or be able to change. 


I attached 3 screen shots.


Screen shot 1 - Is the Homepage and highlighted on this page is the product I selected


Screen shot 2 - This is the page displayed after the initial selection. Highlighted is the text i would like to remove or amend.


Screen shot 3 - Is the page where the customer can select the exact product they require.


I have also attached a subset of our import file for the product in the screen shot.


Can anyone advise how to amend this?