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In Topic: Multi-Vendor Roadmap

07 March 2018 - 12:48 PM

I feel like number 4 should have been developed in 2011 instead of now (or 6 months from now).

In Topic: Multi-Vendor Roadmap

04 March 2018 - 04:39 AM

Hi there, I would like to share our plans on Multi-Vendor development in near future.


1. Mobile application - create you own mobile application for you Multi-Vendor store.

2. PayPal for Marketplace - payment method integration

3. Filter vendor by location and buy product from a certain region (see discussion http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/51167-)

4. Configurable seller application form - ability to manage fields and look&feel of seller register page

5. Separate checkout for each vendor - ability for vendor receive money directly to his account and use any payments he wish.

6. Admin to Vendor Communication addon

7. Promotions optimization to work fine for vendors



Hi and thank you for sharing the roadmap. I am new to CS Cart and noticed many multi vendor features are present but many basic ones are missing.


2. Very important feature for obvious reasons. I do wish there was a way to export all payouts in a CSV file though in order to upload into PayPal and pay vendors that way since I don't have a PayPal Adaptive Payments account. Is this achievable with current CS Cart MVE?

3. I'm building a digital store to sell digital products so I don't need this feature but I do like that feature for shippable products and for services.

4. Extremely important as not having one is strange! I didn't want to code it in, I'd rather use default CS Cart options. This will make CS Cart more attractive and user friendly. However, this makes me think, when will we get the ability to change vendor permissions via the UI? To me, this is crucial as we shouldn't have to code this in. Those 2 features should hand in hand in improving the MVE experience.

5. Not sure what this is and how it works.

6. This is a superb feature as it will be like a "ticket" system. Is there a customer to admin function in CS Cart? Apart from the one in Orders.



In Topic: Try It Early: Drag & Drop Product Images

04 March 2018 - 04:28 AM

Apart from the apparent bug in Firefox when dragging an image (the image goes all the way to the bottom of the screen until dropped), this is a needed feature!

I just got CS Cart MVE a week ago (new user) and I found it lacking and confusing that images were in 2 different areas. It gave me the impression that the images tab was for something else.

Other shopping carts and WordPress use drag and drop so I am happy you added this!


Thanks for the upload via drag and drop as well!


1. Now, I am glad that there's Alt Text but what about Title (tooltip text)?.

2. I find the image too large, you could fit more images if the thumbnail was smaller. There's a preview button in case we want to view it.

3. I would suggest making the preview open up in a pop-up instead of new tab.


Great feature update.