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Data Feed

25 February 2022 - 08:41 AM

Hello :)


I need some help to set up a data feed for newsletter. Anyone more experienced than me out there? And, yes, I have read the instructions from Cs-cart, but I'm still not there :)


Thank you!


Sku/product Code

20 January 2022 - 10:35 AM



I have a lot of product that don't have a product code. I have export them in excel for the purpose of making Product codes, and then import the products with the Product code. That is not working, it just make new products. Is it a solution for this? 



Excel/csv Import Of Wholesale Price

12 January 2022 - 03:44 PM



Do anyone know if it is possible to import products and wholesale discount in one go? In the same file.




Invoice Number, Date, And Report

11 May 2021 - 09:39 PM



Cs-cart is making the invoice number when you complete the order, but it makes it with the date the order is created, not the date it is shipped/completed. Is that possible? I also need a sales report on the date the sales are completed, not when they are created. is this possible to get out of the system, or do I have to use an add on like Invoice Ocean, or somone else?


Thank you