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Report Problem With Listing Product

06 May 2018 - 11:36 PM


I would like to suggest this feature - Report Products for next updates. This is a must for any marketplace because Admin cannot control all products. So this would be nice for user to report any product at product detail page.


Every product need to have a link to report violation of any listing product (such as report this product). After users click report, either they are led to report section or report box show up. Then users can choose report type/ category such as trademark violation, listing practices, or restricted product, etc... These categories are set by admin

And users then choose reason for reports such as fake products, copyright concern, etc... these also set by admin.

And finally is detail box that allow users type in detail of the problems.

These should link with automatic email template that communicate with users.


Every marketplace should have this features. :shock:


Thank you

How Do I Show Option Image When Choosing Option Variation?

28 April 2018 - 10:09 PM


I created a global color/pattern option and uploaded image for that color/pattern to each option (in extra field).

So when i adding a variation product, after chose color/pattern as option in option tab, i clicked variation tab to choose variation option. It only display name NOT including the image like we are seeing at edit option. Therefore, with name only, it might confuse vendor, so i want to show the small image next to the name that i uploaded when i created each option.


Can anyone help suggest me where to look and how?


Thank you so much :-o


Helpdesk, Message And Resolution Addon For Customer Vendor Admin

13 April 2018 - 06:21 PM


I have another suggestions

1. Please modify customer-vendor communication become 3 way communication user - vendor -admin. For example, similar like Ebay message: inbox: compose, send and trash. Ebay inbox has 3 way communication message that filter between customer - vendor, admin-customer, admin-vendor.


2. Resolution center addon is also 3 ways communication but this one is for the problem with order, item or vendor; Customer complaint by creating a ticket to ask vendor solve it. If the ticket is not solved within a period, it escalate to admin.


3. Maybe, integrating 1 and 2 into a support/helpdesk



This would be a awesome and complete to your multi vendor script. We will be happy to buy it.


Thank you

More Restriction/ Option Package In Vendor Plan

13 April 2018 - 06:13 PM



I have a suggestion adding to Vendor plan, please add more RESTRICTION or FEATURE OPTION in vendor package when creating vendor plan.


For vendor plan, we should limit more features/ or allow more option in each package depend on what feature/addon store is having, instead only number product and commission, and remove limit of the max amount money of selling. For example,

Package 1: limit product, limit microstore, limit earn and using rewards for merchant, limit seller upload banner, seller list, seller vacation, etc.. ;

Package 2: limit seller list, seller banner,, etc..

Package 3: unlimited everything.

These options are decided by admin. SO ADD MORE LIMIT FEATURE ON EACH PLAN.

I hope to see this in the future update. 


Thank you