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#322224 Reward Points Incremental Cash Out

Posted by androutsos on 27 November 2019 - 10:42 AM



I understand that you advertise your services here galtin baeva.


However, I was under the impression that the forums was not a place that we would get redirected to "get a quote for a custom solution".


I was hoping that either a suggestion for a plugin would come or a tutorial or some help to develop the plugin myself.


I mean where do developers go to get acquainted with the codex of cs-cart?

Like Woocommerce and Wordpress. They have their forums where php developers get help to use their hooks.

I learned wordpress and woocommerce plugin development only relying on the wordpress forums and my php experience.


You see, Simtech development is advertised engough through the helpdesk of cs-cart to keep on pushing for more advertisement in the community forums.


I don't know, I suppose I was expecting more actual help rather than the same answer "get a quote" again.

Should I go over to reddit? or look for a more community - driven forum?


In any case, your company, simtech is doing it's job, but in my view, the moment you ask for a custom quote the problems start. It usually takes days or even weeks on end to get the quote, after several emails back and forth asking for access to ftp and the website, even when requests are pretty straightforward as the one I made here. When you eventually get the quote it will most probably be so overpriced, it will not be worth it. You will probably be better off without the feature. (I mean, I can live with the rewards points system as it is. I'd prefer the functions I described but the eshop will work without them as well)


Just so you know, I've already made a request for a simple addon last monday (monday the 18th of November)  and it took 2 days to get a response asking for screenshots and FTP access. I then explained that no need to get FTP access on my website since it's a simple Vanilla Cs-cart installation without any added plugins. I am still waiting for the quote. If it takes 10 days on end to get a quote for a plugin that deals with how variable products appear when they only have one item of the specific variation variable... imagine what would happen for a plugin that needs to disable the pay with points field if the user's reward points are below a certain threshold...


So... all in all, not a very cool experience and that led me to start learning how plugin development works in cs-cart so that I can go about and do my own modifications faster and more precisely. It might take some time at first, but once I'm acquanted with the way it's structured I should have no issues.


So I still look for some help to kickstart me in plugin development and a few tips on how the func.php works. I have figured out a bit of the code but I still need some help with the hooks on the chekcout page.

#322201 Reward Points Incremental Cash Out

Posted by androutsos on 26 November 2019 - 01:27 PM

Hello all,


I'd like a way (addon - configuration I'm missing - a trick!!) that can make customers cash out their reward points after they reach a certain thresshold.


So the solution would be to either:


1. (ideally) have a minimum amount of reward points that they can begin to cash out and they can only do that on fixed intervals. So, they can only use reward points after they reach 200, 400 etc. After they spend some and get below the thresshold (say 150) they should not be able to cash out unless they reach the 200 point thresshold. Ideally they should be able to cash out in specific intervals like cash out 200 points or 400 points or 600 points. However they should not be allowed to cash out 250 points if they have that much. They should be allowed to use 200 and keep the 50 in their wallet till they reach the thresshold again.

2. Ok so if the above is way too complicated I can settle for a solution that only introduces the thresshold. So customers should be given the chance to use their points if they have accumulated more than 200. (I guess that's simpler)

3. Another idea might be an addon (I suppose that one should be an addon) that issues a gift certificate automatically once a certain amount of points is reached. It deducts (for example) 200 points and sends out a 20€ coupon code to the customer to use as they please.

Is there any solution like that?

Either an addon, or a workaround would do.


I can also create an addon for the 2nd solution if someone can guide me with the hooks to use to disable the pay with reward points field if a customer has less than 200 points.


Thank you.