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Customer Finance Options - Buy Now, Pay Later

16 July 2019 - 09:16 PM

Has anyone had success with any gateway processors, 3rd party financial companies, or add-on combinations, etc. (that will work in the US) to allow customers to buy now and pay whenever they can afford to do so or in smaller installments?  (and where the merchant gets paid in full now and it is not the merchant's problem if the customer skips out on the rest of the payments - once merchandise ships, it's tough to recover costs!)

I see cs-cart has "Divido payments" already available as an add-on, so I just recently contacted Divido to see what it costs. The website I found did not seem very transparent on who pays what costs without contacting them first, which makes me a tiny bit suspicious already on their fees.
I also see there is FuturePay as a payment gateway, so I went to their website and something just seems a little off with how to contact them with questions for merchants wanting to know more.

I also see things like snapfinance.com and westcreekfin.com that may work(?), but hoping someone already uses something that works seemlessly within cs-cart's checkout system. 


Either I'm a little paranoid or the consumer finance world seems like it could be a little shady sometimes...

Anyway, any suggestions on solutions to allow customers more finance payment options would be appreciated.  (this topic may help many other merchants here increase sales above just offering normal online payment processing, depending on the suggestions.)



Email Templates - Get Social Icons Not Showing Up In E-Mails

09 July 2019 - 07:40 PM


  I have a customer with 2 stores setup within CS-Cart.  STORE1 works fine with the social media icons in the email templates that go out, but STORE2 just has a white box around where the icons should be in the actual emails (see attachment), but the preview looks just fine in the admin area for STORE2, but just not showing up correctly in the actual emails (and no, the images are not being blocked from a protective view in the emails).


In the Design->Email Templates->Code snippets area (Editing snippet: Footer) - the piece of code that is there is that creates the Social Media Icons is:


        <td class="footer-social">
          <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="left">
I used the full static link location of where the social icons are located in STORE1.  I have tried relative links like "/design/themes/responsive/mail/media/images/social/...png" for the image sources and then the icons will not show up in either store correctly. The .png icons are also located in both store physical locations. Part of the problem may be that both stores seem to share the same resources for the email template that processes the coding, so it does not seem like I can have a special template for STORE1 and a different version of the template for STORE2 with the email templates - unless I'm missing something(?).
Any thoughts on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance... :)

Product Code - Can They Be Updated With A Product Import?

04 December 2018 - 10:09 PM

We somewhat regularly have manufacturers updating their product SKUs (Product code) for a product line - even if they are essentially the same product, same image, etc., and I was wondering if there is a simple/quick way to batch update the Product code (SKU - I renamed ours so customers know what it is) for a bunch of products in cs-cart? 

It seems like product imports are linked around the "Product code" variable (it would become a new product if the Product code doesn't already match a product in cs-cart) - even though Product ID's are also available and unique to each item. 

We recently had a manufacturer rename over a 1000 SKU's (Product codes), so a quick product import with the new SKU updated (or something similar - maybe even direct database manipulation) would save a TON of time instead of individually going through the affected products in the Admin products area.  I want to keep the existing product links for SEO purposes, even though it would be much faster to add these "new" products and remove the outdated ones with spreadsheets via exports and imports.  Am I missing anything here - Any suggestions?