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Product Code - Can They Be Updated With A Product Import?

04 December 2018 - 10:09 PM

We somewhat regularly have manufacturers updating their product SKUs (Product code) for a product line - even if they are essentially the same product, same image, etc., and I was wondering if there is a simple/quick way to batch update the Product code (SKU - I renamed ours so customers know what it is) for a bunch of products in cs-cart? 

It seems like product imports are linked around the "Product code" variable (it would become a new product if the Product code doesn't already match a product in cs-cart) - even though Product ID's are also available and unique to each item. 

We recently had a manufacturer rename over a 1000 SKU's (Product codes), so a quick product import with the new SKU updated (or something similar - maybe even direct database manipulation) would save a TON of time instead of individually going through the affected products in the Admin products area.  I want to keep the existing product links for SEO purposes, even though it would be much faster to add these "new" products and remove the outdated ones with spreadsheets via exports and imports.  Am I missing anything here - Any suggestions?


Remove Credit Card Field Button

29 March 2018 - 01:55 AM


  On mobile devices in Internet Explorer (maybe other browsers as well) during checkout in the Billing Options area, there is an " X " in the credit card field that I would like to remove - it functions to clear the CC numbers entered. See image.  How can the "X" be removed or hidden?  Thanks!


I already removed the credit card icons as they did get in the way of seeing the credit card numbers on mobile and small screens, which is a functional issue, so they had to go... :)


Here is the code I used in the Custom CSS area to hide the credit card icons in the Card number field (Theme->Theme editor->CUSTOMIZE (Custom CSS option) )


.ty-cc-icons__icon.default, .ty-cc-icons__icon.visa, .ty-cc-icons__icon.visa-electron, .ty-cc-icons__icon.mastercard, .ty-cc-icons__icon.maestro, .ty-cc-icons__icon.american-express, .ty-cc-icons__icon.discover {
   visibility: hidden;


E-Mail Template Alignment

14 March 2018 - 06:27 PM

We recently upgraded to 4.7.2.SP2, and noticed on many orders after the upgrade that the email template (for the order notifications) seems to be adding another column or extra characters or something so that the columns do not line up perfectly anymore.  It doesn't do this on every email notification, but most now have this offset alignment issue, which does not make the notifications look polished anymore. (See attachment).  Any thoughts on how or where to fix it?





We also noticed that the email message body background of the e-mail notifications automatically changed to the custom background color of our website theme (not good here since our website background was set to a very dark color - the contrast with the text was poor) - We switched the website theme background color to white to fix this, but maybe a cs-cart developer could split up these two background color tags in future updates?


Everything else seems to be working great so far!