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#306135 Mobile Apps Developement For My Cs-Cart Site

Posted by azri445 on 04 September 2018 - 04:35 AM

cs-cart also develop mobile apps.

Dear members, I am looking for a company that can create apps for my cs-cart website. I want native mobile apps that is well integrated with my site, I do not need a too much expensive solution but rather a solution that can provide me with the native apps under reasonable price.


I have built my apps using gonative.io, however, the problem I face in gonative.io is levels of the apps that cannot be configured properly.


I spoke to cs-cart to provide me a solution but they do not seem to have the right solution for mobile apps development. 


If you know a good company that can provide the solution with a responsibility and delivers the apps at the desired time, please mention below.


The apps should be very well coded so my in-house developers can work on the source code later on, you can mention a company that has already built apps for cs-cart


Thanks in advance

#294962 Profile Registration

Posted by azri445 on 07 February 2018 - 02:05 AM

i was wondering, is there any solution in CS-CART MULTIVENDOR, for profile registration has 2 (TWO) type.


1. for user based

2. for vendor


what i can see now, the registration form or profile both user and vendor as the same input.


i was looking for a solution to skip few registration profile data or info to be put in user page. on vendor page, we want vendor to key in their bank detail for accepting payment. Meanwhille for user based, i dont want user to key in bank detail.



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