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#306135 Mobile Apps Developement For My Cs-Cart Site

Posted by azri445 on 04 September 2018 - 04:35 AM

cs-cart also develop mobile apps.

Dear members, I am looking for a company that can create apps for my cs-cart website. I want native mobile apps that is well integrated with my site, I do not need a too much expensive solution but rather a solution that can provide me with the native apps under reasonable price.


I have built my apps using gonative.io, however, the problem I face in gonative.io is levels of the apps that cannot be configured properly.


I spoke to cs-cart to provide me a solution but they do not seem to have the right solution for mobile apps development. 


If you know a good company that can provide the solution with a responsibility and delivers the apps at the desired time, please mention below.


The apps should be very well coded so my in-house developers can work on the source code later on, you can mention a company that has already built apps for cs-cart


Thanks in advance