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Option Combinations And Product Variations Quantity Discounts

02 December 2018 - 03:02 PM

Hi there

I'd be glad to get some  help here

Let's say I ran CS Cart single Licence 4.9.x and I 'm selling Automotive engine Oil

 I'm talking about a Motorcycle 4 Stroke  SAE 20-50 Oil ( not promoting , just giving Hint )


I go the Product Tab ,   whithin this SAE 20-50 Oil 

I want to sell :

  • the 1 Liter bottle  at 10 €
  • the 25 Liters thing  190 €
  • the 220 Liters barrel   1700€    ( examples )

 Same OIL..same Kind Same Performance/Cert, same SAE etc

Did the Option for Item/quantity /Price on cart

What Kind of Products shall I choose Giving I'dNeed to give Quantity Discounts

 From 2 items Upward, in ANY of the sizes/capacity ? 

Afaik The Quantity discount does work as there is ONE Item /Price  and then you do Subtract from the multiply ( in open store or User Groups attribution/allocation

So, any mean/ way to have THAT functionality to work in a Product which Only Option it's the Incrtease of ...erm Size ?

a link can do.

many thanks for your time and eventually Help

About Categories, Dubbing, Merging Etc

29 November 2018 - 02:01 PM

Hi to All

I'm here with a new  and hopefully fascinating  ( :grin: ) question

Would it be possible to 'add ' a series of categories and their relative s sub or sibling

to Another category ?

I have a Categoriy Visible Only by a Specific  Group,

And  this Group has a specific discount ratio.

In there I have to add Some products ( obviously)

On the store wide I have , let's say , 5 categories with many subs/siblings each one

and for the specific purpose I would like  ALL those Categories Products to appear  INSIDE the afore


mentioned Category ( the one  Hidden to anyone, Specific Users Group apart )  for Discount  Reason


AKA : all what's inside this Category ( visible to you only ) will be discounted just for you.

(it's just Not the discount that matter, but to make them find  Discounted Item on THAT cat)

Given categories can't have  two path/ Url how can I proceed?

Duplicating ?  Cloning? 
No way I can take over any Single categories Item ( more than 200)  to  add another category.

Suggestion are welcome


Add Custom Content To Brand Page Individually

27 October 2018 - 09:31 AM

Hi to all

 it is there any way to Add custom Content ( individually) to the Brand Pages?


Brand Page Adidas

I need to append some PDF file to download ( group permissions here)


Brand Page Harley Davidson

I need to append various .XLS and PDF Files to dowload 
and also a couple of External Links

And so On to any  Brand Page I do create on store.

Any solution without touching Cores of Mod/addons?



Second Store Dedicated To B2B Only

23 October 2018 - 01:21 PM

Hi There Hi All

Here with some question about our Fisrt MultiStore ( well just going to add the second store)

We think to add A store/license to our Cs.Cart.

The New STore ( differently from the main one) will be dedicated to B2B Only

This does Mean we are not going to lead ANY product  for sale ( seriuosly )

But lots Of PDF with Exploded-view drawing, Then Verified Customer Only will contact

us with Item Numeber /COD/SKU ( they found on Exploded-view drawing) 

and Desired QUantity via A form to get a Quote.

QUestion are then:


  • Domain Mapping will be Possible? ( via/tru ?) Otherwise, giving Google Ranking it's NOT A Priority here a sub folder will do?
  • giving First Store it's a classical and basic e-commerce( open to All to browse), will be feasible  to have a second store closed out to anyone But to autorized Logins Only 

  • can I stop bots /crawlers from lurkinf through the pdf and Items on secon store (on same install)?

  • It's there any mod/plug to make that said second store ( B2B vocated) more like an CRM ?


Many thanks to anyone  for tips, suggestions hacks of just pointing out how wrong
I am in this  project :)


Customers Rating And Review Anon

26 September 2018 - 08:56 AM

Hi to all

I've a question:

Given the big U-turn we are seeing on the relevance of the Feedbacks, aka


Ratings and Reviews on Store Products by Google.

And Given the minimum of privacy, besides the default rating sistem on CS. Cart

Is there any way to strip away or Prevent the  System to


Print out in the public the commentor/ reviewer Name, surname and Email ?

Even If I do Change or erase the name and Email adress of Said commentor/reviewer...


CS cart keep printing it on the public 

Anything I can do on It?