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In Topic: Introducing A New Prototype—Product Variations (A Better Implementation Of Pr...

17 December 2018 - 12:14 PM

following the Topic @ikoshkin enrouted me here.

As previously told and also noted from  other CS cart user above,

while we all, at large, do apreciate the efforts to always improve Cs Cart,  This Not answer many  business  needs

I'm sure there are many business who need the variation on CAPACITY.

All those selling Liquids but not only.

-even Presta ( !!!) has a way to Post a Product ( IE: wine )

with Different Capacity ( Bottle : Mignon, midi, Standard , Magnum , Jeroboam and on...)

on Same Product page and then, on customer selection ( Capacity based : 0,20, 0,75L. 1,5 L. 3 L 50L )

having the Image switching accordingly AND the possibility to give Diferent Quantity Discount Based on That Choosen Item

Because I can give a 5% off on the box of midi, but not on Magnum, or 20%Off on a Jeroboam pack of 3.

And same goes for Parfumes,  oils, or Weight....

WIthout the need to do l, ets say for rhe sake of  our purpose, 10 Products page for the SAME Product.

This told without prejudice, maybe,


hopefully,  it's just we who get it wrong

In Topic: Option Combinations And Product Variations Quantity Discounts

10 December 2018 - 02:18 PM


Product variations will work for this scenario. Basically, you create an option called "Bottle" (or whatever you want to name it) with variants "1 liter", "20 liters", and "200 liters". Then create product variations from these options. Quantity discounts can be specified for each variation separately: https://docs.cs-cart...duct-variations

Please note that we're planning to rework product variations, but you can start using them in their current form if they meet your needs.Hi 

Hi ikoshkin
thanks for Reply.

with the helpdesk we went tru this with no joy, even with the SuperDuper Products mode.( wich gave me a good amount of beta shivers  btw ...)

I've already setted as per you suggestion, as it's the only viable way,seems,

ut it doesn't seem too neat or pros to me.

ven because Images does NOT change, nor on the cart Pop-Up,


Nor on the Top cart Preview and Neither  on the cart page itself.

Besides, it's  very difficult to make the quantity discount set works  in this way.

I do mean, either I do set a Fixed Percentage x Numbers of Bought Items ( buy 3 of Anyone and bag the - 20% -) 

or it can't be done.


IE :
Let say I Can give -10%  discount on 3 standard bottle ( 0,75 Liters) 

but Cannot give more than -7% ( still on 3 Bottles) of Same wine  and Year


( same Product ) of Magnum ( 1,5Liters Bottle)

But i Can give a Bigger  - 18% discount on 3 bottles ,


same wine and year on Jéroboam ( wich it's 3 liters or 4 normal 0,75 bottles)


Not to mention what customers ( we  all at wide are customers ) see Always a Single


always the same  Picture/thumbnail of the  on-cart Item.

And while it can be OK for the used example, it's not for hundred of business,


like the one I care for , where  Same Product does start with


capacity of quarter US Gallion  and up tru the 55 Gallions Drum


till the pallett of 9 boxes with 6 bottle each one , to do not mention the stands or corners Displays.

Btw I'll read what's coming next with anticipation. 

we'll opend second store ( "Capacity dedicated") in 2-4 months, so lets hope something of good will come eventually up.

Thanks again for you support, I'd be glad to be simply wrong  :grin: 


In Topic: Option Combinations And Product Variations Quantity Discounts

04 December 2018 - 03:48 PM

No reply does seem strange

No wine seller, Parfume sellers or  other 'capacity' items?

I just need Ability in One product 's page  to have

  • 1 liter
  • 20 liters
  • 200 liters

and  to give quantity  discounts accordingly to Each item, not just the base/ cheaper/ minor


In Topic: Option Combinations And Product Variations Quantity Discounts

02 December 2018 - 03:14 PM

Hi there

I'd be glad to get some  help here

Let's say I ran CS Cart single Licence 4.9.x and I 'm selling Automotive engine Oil

 I'm talking about a Motorcycle 4 Stroke  SAE 20-50 Oil ( not promoting , just giving Hint )


I go the Product Tab ,   whithin this SAE 20-50 Oil 

I want to sell :

  • the 1 Liter bottle  at 10 €
  • the 25 Liters thing  190 €
  • the 220 Liters barrel   1700€    ( examples )

 Same OIL..same Kind Same Performance/Cert, same SAE etc

Did the Option for Item/quantity /Price on cart

What Kind of Products shall I choose Giving I'dNeed to give Quantity Discounts

 From 2 items Upward, in ANY of the sizes/capacity ? 

Afaik The Quantity discount does work as there is ONE Item /Price  and then you do Subtract from the multiply ( in open store or User Groups attribution/allocation

So, any mean/ way to have THAT functionality to work in a Product which Only Option it's the Incrtease of ...erm Size ?

a link can do.

many thanks for your time and eventually Help



Also it Would Be nice to have a tip in HOW can I display the Big Barrel in the same Page Product, to A sigle relevant User Group, Only

In Topic: Multi Language Website

05 November 2018 - 11:36 AM

As long as you use single URL for all languages, you will be safe.
To see which URL has changed, use this free addon
Cart-Power: SEO names editor


By third level you mean replicating on subdomains?

Use the addon of Webkul - Vendor Subdomain


If you want to include the language in the URL, this will change the SEO names. If you want every language on a separate subdomain, I think, modification of the above module will be required. 

And sorry

I was asking about  third level, proper one 

as it is on  https://third.example.com