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Upgrade To 4.13.1 Error

03 June 2021 - 04:23 PM



Need a help. After upgrade backend shows error:


<div class="message">   Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.   </div>   </body>   </html><!--       Tygh\Exceptions\AException       Message   Invalid cache key "init_logos_0_20" used.       Error at   app/Tygh/Registry.php, line: 786       Backtrace   File:app/Tygh/SmartyEngine/Core.php   Line:438   Function:getOrSetCache       File:app/Tygh/SmartyEngine/Core.php   Line:187   Function:initLogos       File:app/functions/fn.init.php   Line:114   Function:setArea       File:app/functions/fn.init.php   Line:1194   Function:fn_init_templater       File:init.php   Line:177   Function:fn_init       File:admin.php   Line:25   Function:require           -->


Thank you.

Customer Communication With Vendor

18 December 2020 - 02:20 PM



Can be Order communication merged with Message center for vendors?

Customers not understand when and why they need to communicate with vendors through 2 different communication channels. This is confusing. Unless it has an explanation. Please give me an answer that I can copy/paste to customers.


Thank you in advance.