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#302048 Why Cs Cart Lacks Of Good Looking (Modern) Themes

Posted by Anythingsportsman on 28 May 2018 - 05:32 AM

I took what I would like to call a gamble, or at least thought was, going with CS Cart in the beginning. 2.7 star rating from what i remember, don't remember the citing. Unless I am a complete idiot, which I very well may be, I have not had any major issues with CS Cart that I had with magento and wordpress/woocommerce before.


Woocommerce multi vendor was so terrible, I would wonder waking up whether or not I would be having a PayPal conflict that day and even be able to accept payments. 


I'm not a developer, but as far as I can tell with add-ons, and the amount of devs you can get to help with mods, you aren't going to find an out of the box solution that won't ultimately cost you. 


CS Cart is a bit pricey but I can say I am 110% satisfied with the switch I made and I wouldn't be doing what I do without it. The themes are what you make them... Also great out of the box!


My 2 Cents...


Also thanks to the CS Cart community for the support!



#299857 http://schema.org/

Posted by Anythingsportsman on 08 April 2018 - 02:14 AM

What Oleg Said! Just bought that add on a few days ago will see how it works in a month or so, but all the data and tags are on point, tested over 50 different products on Googles Structured Data Testing Tool and not a single warning. If your like me and time is money, $19 is well worth it. 

#299457 Feature Requests. . .

Posted by Anythingsportsman on 31 March 2018 - 02:47 PM

5. Please explain what exactly you mean. Are you referring to a charge similar to 'shipping'?;


We just want to offer a single flat rate fee site wide with all vendors. (In the future) Esentially it would be a flat rate fee that we collect as the marketplace. Vendors wouldn't be accepting shipping costs on checkout, we would. 


  • Flat rate fee site wide: $7 for example no matter what vendor you buy from or how many.
  • Vendors don't collect shipping cost upon order, we do.
  • Every 2 weeks (Month or whatever it is) vendors send us csv, shipping receipt of total shipments from Anythingsportsman.com.
  • We reimburse them.

We are essentially trying to combat customers paying multiple shipping methods, our biggest problem is when someone buys 7 different companies "fishing lures" for example and have to pay 7 different methods for something that should fit in a small flat rate box if we were to warehouse the item and ship ourselves.


Almost like a Amazon Prime in a sense.


Thanks also for the heads up, will be contacting you about the inventory automation.


Thanks again,



#283960 Avoid Landing Page Redirects

Posted by Anythingsportsman on 05 September 2017 - 01:54 PM

Never had this issue with any other websites before, but somehow managed to do it this time. Does anyone know the proper code to put in my .htaccess file to fix this. Image shows which ones obviously are being redirected, and per google page speed this needs to be fixed.





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#282449 Www.anythingsportsman.com - The Sportsmans Marketplace

Posted by Anythingsportsman on 10 August 2017 - 12:15 PM

Anything Sportsman is the outdoor marketplace for all hunting, fishing, shooting and camping products. 

Please check it out: https://www.anythingsportsman.com/

Feel free to post your feedback, it is always appreciated!