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Cannot Import Images Mve

19 January 2018 - 07:44 AM

I cannot import images in MVE.  I upload the images to several places: var/files/14/images, /var/files/14,/var/files/14/exim/images, var/files/exim/backup/images.  I have left the image directory field blank in the import, I have tried all the different paths. I have tried different variations for the image file names in the csv file as well.  It shows the links updating, but no images are put in the detailed image directory.    The private files directory for the vendor is 14.  Where should I place the images on the server for the import.  Also what exactly should be placed in the Detailed image field in the csv file, the file name or images/"file name"?  Using latest version of MVE.   I have wasted hours trying to upload some images.




Product Buy-Back / Trade-In Similar To Gazelle

15 November 2017 - 07:08 AM

Has anyone completed a product buy-back module for CS-Cart so that the site would allow customers to sell back their products, similar to gazelle .com ?  There is a similar module for Magento   http://magento.ikant...-trade.html    I really don't want to use Magento.