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In Topic: Gdpr Addon For 4Xx

10 June 2018 - 01:08 PM


The layout of the cookie add-on provides a strong encouragement to turn off all the cookies and has a big potential to turn off users not interested in GDPR. Could you consider hiding the cookie setting behind 'advanced settings' button and defaulting to 'accept all cookies', like most website do (just a one example: https://addons.prest...mo/FO13605.html)?



In Topic: Register Guests In A Last Step Of A Checkout

30 May 2018 - 08:08 AM

Re #2: so a registered user who doesn't remember they are will have to enter all their contact info and then gets redirected to the login page and back again with the info updated to what's in their profile?


Personally, I think step 1 should always be:

- if user logged in, skip

- if not, collect email addres

  - if that's a current customer, take them to login and return to step 3.

- otherwise proceed to step 2 preserving the email address


Not sure on extending the cookie and corresponding sessions table to remain active for 6 months.  Do you have any data on how many of your clients come back after the standard 2 week time?  Depending on traffic on your site, that could make the table pretty big.  Note that this table is read/written for every page access in your store.  So the bigger the index, the longer it takes.


Can't speak to the addon for allowing registered users to checkout as guest.  Not sure why that would be a good thing if what I described above were implemented.



Just for clarity - what I presented was not  the ideal flow, but the best that we can achieve with the current code. I agree that it could and should be further optimised. 

Regarding ordering as guests, it should be possible even for existing users, I think. Some rationale is presented on this addon's page: http://www.cscartroc...ckout-pro.html 
The goal is to decrease any traction as much as possible and some people just don't want to remind the password etc. That's why we prolonged the session time - to increase the chances of someone reusing their old session. 

In Topic: Register Guests In A Last Step Of A Checkout

29 May 2018 - 10:41 AM

Indeed, there already is a possiblity to register guest after the checkout. However I think it's one step too far (after returning from the payment gateway), usually it's before. I'm pretty sure most people ignore that page once the transaction is complete.


Regarding you second suggestion - there's an addon to allow registered users using their email for guest orders, I think it makes sense.

What we've done eventually to make the checkout experience optimised is:
1) increasing the login time to 6 months (so that as many people as possible are logged in and go directly to step 2)

2) remove step 1 completely in the settings and set the default path to guest user - this way new users get the simplest possible checkout experience - start filling in data immediately, after the checkout they can provide the password
3) for the error message about duplicate email we've added a link to log in with return_url set to checkout (so if someone logs in, they return there)
4) instead of 3 we're considering using the addon to allow registered users to order as guests

Any thoughts on the above?


In Topic: Google Data Feed Export Hangs At ~100 Products Mark

20 April 2018 - 06:56 AM

When you click on the datafeeds addon from the addons menu the right sidebar shows you the cron command to use.  That is what you would use for CLI.

Indeed, thanks! 
Unfortunately when running from CLI there's a 'Killed' message at some point. It could be memory or sth else. I think the data feed export may be written incorrectly if the memory usage increases during its execution. Shouldn't it release the resources needed to process already exported products?

In Topic: Google Data Feed Export Hangs At ~100 Products Mark

19 April 2018 - 05:36 PM

Could anyone suggest please how the data feedprocess could be launched from CLI? I guess indeed that way some webserver configuration could be circumvented.