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No Styles Showing Up On Apache/mac When Installing Existing Mv Instance

17 May 2017 - 10:26 AM


I succesfully deployed the same version of cs cart on multiple linux environments, but when installing locally on my mac/apache from the same repo, after getting through a number of permissions errors and setting them all up (+chowning the whole dir to apache daemon user), I get to the frontend and backend, but with COMPLETELY zero styles, just old schoold blue/violet html.

There's no 404s in any loaded resources and all seems fine, nothing in cs cart or apache log. Any ideas or suggestion what to check/change?


One strange thing is that on this site there's a  353kb sandalone.[long-hash].css being loaded (the content seems legit, full of css rules), while at the working envionments the standalone bundle has 58kb, even though the files and db is the same.

Any ideas? Many thanks!