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Rewriting Urls That Contain Parameters

24 January 2020 - 12:46 PM



I am trying to rewrite the following dispatch: product_features.view_all&filter_id=2


This is the documentation page about SEO rules I have seen:



This page states:

You can replace URLs like http://www.example.c...auth.login_form with user-friendly URLs optimized for search engines, like http://www.example.com/login.


But what if I want to rewrite http://www.example.c...atures.view_all&filter_id=2 ?


Of course I have tried "product_features.view_all&filter_id=2", but this doesn't work.


Is it possible to redirect these kind of URLs?


Kind regards,


Fn_Get_Company_Data() Gives The Wrong Information

04 June 2019 - 09:17 AM



I'm trying to get my company's address and phone number. For this, I use the fn_get_company_data() function.


I made sure my company ID was right. Even tried providing the language URL as second parameter, but doesn't work either.


Some data is correct, some is not. The name is correct, and so are the URLs. But I also get the following:

[address] => Boston street
[city] => Boston
[state] => MA
[country] => US
[zipcode] => 02125
[email] => simtech@example.com
[phone] => 555555555
[fax] => +555555555
[url] => http://example.com

This simply isn't my company data :)


In the admin panel I do see the correct information.


I use the following URL:


I'm on version 4.9.3.SP1 and I have the Ultimate edition.


For testing purposes I tried the following:

fn_get_company_data(1, 'nl')

Just returned the wrong info as placed above.


Can anyone help me out?


Kind regards,